The fact is not such: Common a few mistakes to SEO understand

In SEO (search engine is optimized) industry, always have a lot of specious views, believe friends ever had heard of similar judgment more or less, in this, before some are belonged to correct but adjust as what search engine algorithm be opposite a SEO effect is ill kind effectively even no longer, incorrect or what some belong to pair of websites to rank analytic method is not perfect and those who reach is wrong conclusion, below brief and Baconian a few errors in common SEO:

One, SEO actually very simple

This viewpoint nods the mouth that stems from SEO abecedarian commonly, a lot of people often adjust Meta, raise what keyword density says to be SEO, think SEO is such nevertheless accordingly, this character erroneous! From go up at all say, SEO is a quite complex, careful work, successful SEO involves website construction to establish ROI really from website brand (Return On Investment) square field surface, be a variety of technologies, skill is integrated, think SEO too simplification can be one’s own wishful thinking only.

Perhaps, we can assume, if SEO is very simple, so, mean SEO to gain a success easily? This appeared a problem: If why is search engine searching the first page of result page or the website that the 3rd page places next so much to carry out SEO successfully / webpage?

Successful SEO means the advantage that gains banner Yu Jing to contend for adversary in searching engine, this is not a simple thing.

2, SEO cheats search engine namely

Many people think to the relation that opposes each other is between search engine and SEO, the justice that thinks the purpose of SEO is the intent destroys search result and effective, this kind of view has the market very much inside certain limits.

Nevertheless, want to be known objectively to this, above all, not SEO and Spam confuse sth with sth else, borrowed to those passing fill of others content, keyword is invisible even the Spammer of text, searching engine is the; that wants blow for certain next, from go up at all say, SEO and search engine have a common cause, that is how to organize content effectively, help user finds wants content with the most efficient way, from this angle, search engine and SEO more resembling is one kind stores each other mutual additional accrete relation.

3, the website that has outstanding content does not need SEO

Allow when to be awaited, content is the foundation of SEO, but, content is SEO success only requirement and rather than is sufficient condition, also be to say namely, content itself can not make sure the website is searching engine to hold favorable position. This, we are in of SEO and website content quality sophisticated already had undertaken be discussinged in detail, no longer give uncecessary details.

Actually, analogy very good also understanding, e.g. , can be equal the content of the website from some kind of angle the product at the enterprise in traditional industry, so, of product itself outstanding does the market that can you decide its are final have rate or sales volume? The answer is apparent: Even if product of a rubbish should be packed only, conduct propaganda is capable, also may gain the success like myth, just like thing of cerebral platinum and so on also can north and south of fashionable great river is same. Of course, so saying is not metaphor SEO or website are optimized also should resemble cerebral platinum study, after all, cheater should gain a success, besides cheater oneself should have great wisdom, although I goes ten million person alone,should have outside indomitable spirit, also should Ao Ao is waited for those who cheat is broad suffer numerous group do safeguard, and the bound is propped up in SEO or search index, this one condition satisfies very hard: E.g. Google so-called always Google Is Always A Lot Smarter Than You, and the clever person of Baidu allegedly increasing also.

4, SEO does not have technical content or SEO needs advanced technology

Does SEO have technical content after all? From certain angle, can use people commonly used will evaluate money that word will explain: Technology cannot all-purpose, but the SEO that does not have a technology is impossible to succeed. Apotheosis or the technical composition in changing SEO infirmly biased somewhat.

Actually, certain and factitious what to analyse to put forward this kind of argument to be able to let us more see clear SEO have clearly without technical content the essence of this problem: A lot of advertisement from before or concoctive company change SEO to the person of the industry, often kongfu of lips ability to write is passable, thousands of word figures at great length of a lot of time even although the plan of the word does not have new idea but passable justify oneself, its must keep away from oneself the SEO course of study of the one’s previous experience of in the inferior position; on the technology technology personnel person often indulge technology and hold in whole go up to short somewhat, also must want to emphasize oneself advantage. Investigate its germ, it is what seeking personal length and person is short.

5, why had done the rank after the website is optimized to did not go upRise

A lot of moment, what perhaps need is time only. Time and patience are SEO success the mainest factor, no matter be in the SEO that is aimed at Google or the SEO that are aimed at Yahoo, time factor is a quite main factor, even if optimize the effect to what time factor authority is worth inferior Live Search, also not be can reflect instantly come out.

6, the assurance of SEO enterprise or SEO tool ranks conduct propaganda

We like to purchase the product that be at ease or service, and assuring often is the significant step that lets us loosen vigilance, below a lot of circumstances, dare to assure often accumulate containing the technical capability with powerful backside or rich experience, let a person look at with new eyes. But, also must see soberly, so called assuring to be in perhaps is strategy of a kind of sale only.

In a lot of moment, it is safeguard with certain technology, experienced SEO personnel can let corresponding website / the webpage obtains expectant rank, but, nobody can make sure in unknowable future also can accomplish this truly. The algorithm that everybody cannot know to search engine truly will be done when be updated the next time how to adjust. SEO is in go up somehow as similar as stock market, no less than nobody can be accurate the trend that masters stock future in that way, also nobody knows to search engine how to will change next truly. Look from this angle, only search engine oneself just has the power that decides the website is ranked.

If you want, is the result that assures a rank, perhaps you should consider contest price to rank, is not these SEO enterprises or SEO tool.

On the other hand, do assuring business to these vowing solemnly, you answer a few more careful: Whether can they take the Spam step of detest of certain search engine? Whether from will for a long time look can you cause the harm that redeems very hard to your website? What is the keyword that they assure to rank the place? In fact, if choose the keyword that a nobody uses, through adding corresponding content page, undertake be optimizinged simply, build necessary link to wait, even if is goofy perhaps also can accomplish rank first position, but significant in that way?

Same assurance, perhaps some can let you achieve expectant result, some makes your website complete disappear from inside searching engine.

7, stable rank

Constant somebody is bemused at why my rank fell down the problem of and so on, but what must make clear is, did not rank changelessly forever, there is new webpage to be in all the time on Internet generation, have all the time old webpage is deleted or update, search engine indexes and algorithm also is being updated ceaselessly, ranking change is absolutely.

8, the competitor cannot destroy my rank

Everybody hopes this is true, lack the SEO industry that break in moral sense especially, but a lot of moment, fact not so hopeful. A lot of example make clear, of baleful competitor or the website that can harm you through certain kind.