The enterprise must use sale of good search engine

Alleged search index props up sale, use the means that searchs engine according to the user namely, the opportunity that uses user retrieval information passes sale information target user as far as possible. Searching the basic course that engine sale is able to realize is: The enterprise releases information on the website to become the news source that exists with webpage form; Search engine general website / webpage information collects index database; The user uses a keyword to undertake retrieval; The index information related the enumerate in retrieving a result reachs his to link URL; Choose the information that have fun at to retrieving the judgement of the result according to the user and click URL to enter news source to be in a webpage. Completed a company so from the whole process that releases information to the user to get information. Go up an article saying to search engine sale is a gender the sale means with valence highest comparing, so when executive search index props up sale, must notice the following 4 problems.

1, when original plan builds enterprise website, the characteristic that should combine search engine will have the setting of relevant structure, page, content.

Search engine is optimized include interior to optimize with outside catenary construction, so of the website when building, be about to make website interior more friendly, on the setting more accord with search engine a few, unwanted promotion is troublesome after leave out, very fast start off. But specific how making gift is not to resemble talking now very more so relaxed. To the website builder must establish a concept now, the website builds two people to look: One is target user of future, one is search engine, the balance between establish is the most principal.

2, change the job in the light of the actor of enterprise website, should optimize from keyword analysis, interior, outside catenary builds 3 respects to undertake.

The website is optimized basically include, keyword analysis, interior is optimized, outside face of catenary construction tripartite. The principle that should master in keyword analysis is: Industry term wants to contend for, product word wants to decide, relevant statement should grind, word of an unexpected winner wants to take seriously. Interior is optimized include a structure to optimize, code is optimized, the character is optimized. Outside heavy quality should master on catenary construction, accumulate quantitative guiding principle, must not excessive sends rubbish join.

3, be aimed at the promotion of enterprise website to optimize, put an end to cogged.

Of late many enterprise website was blocked to be besides high fence by search engine, be indexed prop up permanent cutout to divide by search, because,causing such sequential reason majority is cogged bring about, as a result of last year the be current of Seo, everybody Seo, appeared then the to snatch a client appearance that gives the effect as soon as possible. It is impatient that website promotion is optimized cannot eat to heat up bean curd, but a few optimize service business to go up to discharge the keyword as soon as possible, must use cogged method, if the keyword piles up, network address group the method such as hair, although this kind of cogged method can let a website temporarily be in,the rank appears in search engine, but once be discovered,can feed evil consequence finally oneself most.

4, index in the light of search the price of key word contest that prop up is ranked, analyse user behavior habit seriously.

The success that searchs rank of engine contest price accomplished essence of life to follow sale namely, and whether our client is true accomplished essence of life to allow. China is panoramic () the reason that thinks this is the money with at present much waste of enterprise of our great majority. There are a few factors in contest price rank is OK pilot, having a few is us cannot pilot, for instance keyword price. The Chongzhongzhi that contest price ranks should be put in user analysis to go up to the analysis of the keyword again. It is the most reliable that the angle that should stand in the client will analyse a keyword. Contest price rank follows Seo different, we more of pursuit is essence of life allows, the user that come is not begged much, but try quality must tall. Money of such company ability gain, the industry word that chooses a wide extensive for instance goes blood goes all out, the price is very expensive, a few money even the unit price of a few money bought an IP only. Current current situation lacks this kind of analysis very much, search engine adviser gives offerred a few referenced terms, oneself study to searching engine user behavior again not deep, know clearly carelessly chose a word to go up, result nature is to be paid only without redound. Keyword analysis needs to search engine adviser and client to combine ability to finish cheek by jowl, clearer than the client without the person their client behavior, but the client does not know necessary search engine to study knowledge again, because this searchs engine adviser and client union,rising is first-rate choice.

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