The English-Chinese of SEO confuses your dictionary

Did not progress without communication, when reading article of foreign SEO person of the same trade, be in and when foreign SEO person of the same trade communicates, you want to be able to be understood and be understood only the following these words, that is communicated rise to do not have what big question.

Terminology of SEO of the following English some are very simple, some perhaps you had not listened. Welcome any opinions:


Anchor Text: Anchorage character, point to link character.


Backlink, Backward Link: Retrorse link, represent the link that points to your website from other website only, do not include the link inside the station. This term meaning is linked in the link inside expression and station, exchange (Link Exchange) , mutually beneficial is linked (Reciprocal Linking) different.

Bot: The logogram of Robot, do not represent search engine spider only. But general understanding is down link, Ip paragraph the computer program that waits for means crawl.


Conversion Rate: Change rate. Movement of the target that finish (buy, download, click wait for a movement) amount of the person that visit, except in order to visit person gross, the per cent of earning is led to change namely.

Competing On Google: Target keyword is in the competitor amount on Google, refer in particular to this keyword to search the webpage amount that give on Google.


DMOZ: This need not say, pronunciation is De Mou child.


External Link: Outward link, point to the link of other website namely.


Googletestad: Just placed Adsense code in the website when, google will be preliminary the website content that analyses you puts the character that match on advertisement.


Internal Link: In-house link. For example Http:// had a link to point to Http:// , this link is Internal Link namely.

Inbound Link, Incoming Link: Direct interpreter is a catenary or enter chain. The webpage A1 in website A points to the webpage B1 of website B, right now to B1, obtained an Inbound Link or Incoming Link namely.


KEI: Keyword effectiveness index. Very big, competition spends discharge of tall KEI delegate low keyword. Tall KEI is representing low competition, high flow.


Landing Page: Land page. The person that visit clicks a search engine advertisement, or the first piece of webpage that after searching a result, sees, it is namely land page. Land the design of the page and optimize immediate impact Conversion Rate.

Link Popularity: Point to the links an amount amount of a website.

Link Exchange: Commutative link.

Link Building: Link construction, point to obtain the passport that points to him website from other website.

Link Baiting: Link bait, point to the content that attracts a link or method.

Link Text: Link character.


Off-page SEO: Optimize outside the station, the SEO outside the station. Point to the exterior method of effect of SEO of a few influences, link bait for example. On-page SEO: Optimize inside the station, as contrary as Off-page SEO.

One Way Link: One-way link. For example website A links you, you need not link website A however, this link is One Way Link namely.

ODP: Open Directory Project, open mode website classifies catalog.


PPC: Pay Per Click. Form of advertisement of a kind of network, advertisement advocate click advertising time to pay according to the person that visit.

PageRankTM, PR: Need not explain, the evaluates webpage grade technology that is Google is patent.


Reciprocal Link: Mutually beneficial link, the meaning with Link Exchange is almost same.

Robot: Agree with Bot, do not represent search engine spider only. But general understanding is down link, Ip paragraph the computer program that waits for means crawl.


Search Engine: Search engine. SE: Search the logogram of engine.

SEM, Search Engine Marketing: Search engine sale.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization: Search engine to optimize.

SERP, Search Engine Results Page: Search a keyword, search the result page that engine returns. Spider: Robot of search engine index (spider) , down link and Ip paragraph capture content.