The element that influence search ranks as a result (April 2007)

Keyword element (influence by come greatly small arrange) :

* Title keyword

Keyword of * page text

* page content and page keyword dependency

The keyword is included in * H1 caption

The keyword includes in * domain name

The keyword includes in * page URL

* H2, in waiting for caption, H3 includes a keyword

The keyword is used in * image Title and Alt label

* keyword uses thick substance word

The keyword is used in label of * Meta Description

The keyword is used in label of * Meta Keywords

Page element (influence by come greatly small arrange) :

Range is linked inside * page station

* derives the link points to the character of page and website and dependency

* file is put in the accident of time

Length of * page content

The character of * text content (determine by the algorithm that searchs engine)

* text organization and paragraph form

* page updates frequency

Sprit of * catalog endmost / several (catalog cannot too deep, control is in 4 class less than, although do not affect a rank, but the influence is collected)

* spelling and solecism

* HTML passes W3C standard attestation

Website and domain name element (influence by come greatly small arrange) :

* website links range (Global Link Popularity) , namely the retrorse link of the website

* website age

The dependency that * links reversely

The * website link in special subject community range

* links addition rate reversely

* website theme and the dependency that the user inquires

* website history is recorded, for example page retention period, the site that searchs a result is entered rate, the user visits a time directly, the website is added to collect a frequency to wait

The website directiveness that * Google thinks, authority and importance

* top class domain name is suffixal (Edu, gov, us, ca, com)

* new page raises rate

The to website and domain name search inside period of time measures *

* website passes attestation of Google Webmaster Central

Retrorse link element (influence by come greatly small arrange) :

* links anchorage character reversely

* links the link range of website itself reversely

* links the dependency of page discussion topic

The link range of * theme community

* retrorse link surrounds character

* links the link range of the oneself inside page site reversely

The existence time length that * links reversely

Domain name of website of * retrorse link is suffixal (Edu, gov, com, ca, co, uk)

* links the PageRank of the page

Adverse to page capture and rank element (influence by come greatly small arrange) :

* searchs engine to often cannot visit a website

* page content and search engine collect a page identical or duplicate

* derives the link points to inferior quality or rubbish website

Many pages of * use identical Title and Meta label

* keyword is used too (keyword accumulation and fill)

* shares undesirable link plan, or traffic a link

* server answers time slow

* is linked reversely from what rubbish website comes over

Quantity of * user visit is little (according to the toolbar, the search is clicked as a result wait for statistic)


From the enumeration above, can see a few trends that search engine ranks to the page:

The excellent collocation of * content and keyword (dependency) , its position cannot shake, confirm Content Is The King;

The materiality of * content action, reduced Meta label to serve as formal influence;

* searchs engine to begin to consider trends and behavior factor: Be like the newer frequency of the website, the site that searchs a result is entered rate, how many person is collected etc;

* grows because of ground of type of website amount explosion, the filter of engine is made have add without decrease, engine more favour trusts at sufferring and definitive website, link weight from what suffer accredit and definitive website to come over taller, the collaboration of the website also begins things of one kind come together;

The * application because of Web2.0, engine can value community and thematic group, if your website does travel, it is certain to have in travel community famous degree, to search index props up promotion to will have profit greatly;

The action of * PR is weakened further, the rank is more important than PR.

This shows, search engine promotion of future can emphasize be with the person more this, provide the content that the user needs most, website quality and the concept that link quality will be thorough popular feeling. The website is met to the demand of documentation grow in quantity, the website edits and write a hand to be able to have better development space.

Article reference Search Ranking Factors 2007 year April