The eighteen little skill that improves an article to search engine to optimize quality

Writing piece:

1.Separate with blank space between English word and Chinese

Although present search engine solved problem of Chinese and English participle basically, but the position that blank space still can stress keyword of Wen Zhongying article on certain level.

2.Caption concise and comprehensive

Long caption disperses easily the weight of the keyword, caption should as far as possible concise, and include key keyword.

You ought to use 3. Alt label will place a keyword

Present person trusts no longer Alt label. Indeed, they are not a magical pill, and a lot of people do not have a picture even in your MFA site, but if you have an opportunity, use them. You can pay off.

4. does not want covet the thing in other site

Keep distinctive content, do not want the website piracy from others, do not borrowed the article of others. This nots allow to argue. Your reader wants fresh content, through writing a few good, individual thing, you will win get one’s own back.

You ought to write 5. caption of good literary works

Write the headline of the article content that can represent you adequately, in caption as far as possible built-in keyword. Can help search engine spider crawl so, the article index that helps you falls in these keywords, and help reader retrieval content.

You must explore 6.

Register Google Analytics, google Webmaster tool, use plug-in unit of statistic of a WordPress, will dog through establishing channel earning of your all Google Adsense and relevant accrual. Position of keyword of ceaseless fine tuning, keyword density, article content, market sale and link bait strategy are waited a moment. Use up you to be able to increase profit through these methods. When having doubt, be engineered afresh and begin from the beginning.

Optimize piece: