The editor below SEO guidance is artistic: Take Baidu seriously to do bogus to be achieved formerly

Doing SEO to optimize recently, those who realise editor art appears special in SEO is important, below summary when, share with everybody.

One, make full use of Baidu

1, the website that refers you to Baidu search engine. Refer a homepage only not only, refer the webpage of your website.

Connect with my website net Wu for exemple: Refer homepage and submit product page, can refer 50 webpages. Do not have time to be able to refer the most crucial webpage. If home page, product, download, support, community is waited a moment.

2, the Baidu that builds him website is stuck, Baidu knows, upload Baidu picture to wait a moment.

Build Baidu to stick when knowing with Baidu, beware appear overmuch website link and ad wording. Website link had better not appear when beginning to build more commonly. Do Baidu to know, query and answer should have strategy. These two Baidu are artificial editor.

3, the about him website news that Baidu news basically collects a few famous websites to release. Stationmaster can entrust a few other companies to release relevant news. OK also oneself reprint article of a few heat, sign oneself station name, search a page with respect to what can appear in Baidu news.

4, Baidu picture

The meeting in Baidu picture collects a few pictures of the website. The picture can be added on the webpage when the website achieves constant flow.

5, Baidu 100 divisions

Build the 100 divisions dictionary of own site.

6, the Baidu knowledge hall that builds a site

When Baidu knows the problem achieves 5, with respect to the Baidu knowledge hall that can found him site.

Make full use of Baidu searchs a tool, can raise website rank effectively.

2, the time that makes an editor want to use Baidu to update a website and rule

90% above are in Baidu website 1-4 of weekly Zhou Sanling morning nods this phase to one is updated greatly. The others 10% update in Zhou Si. Newer content is before the content that a week place adds. And updated article basically is to achieve an article formerly. Best method is firm the website is updated hourly when beginning to do SEO. The rank order of seats of 100 nets is in newlier everyday everyday in the morning at 9 o’clock at 11 o’clock, and afternoon at 2 o’clock at 5 o’clock, use the kind that replaces by hand to undertake commonly. According to above characteristic, we are met when doing a website to update have a definite object in view.

3, artful editor will assure more achieve an article formerly

Bogus of caption of the first phase achieves a standard formerly

Fall to undertake revise and be optimizinged to website caption in the premise that accords with website content to website caption namely.

The first action:

The method that the number replaces realizes bogus to be achieved formerly, the article headline that sees like you is the website optimizes the 10 great skill that should master from personnel of course of study so you are OK instead website optimizes the 8 great skill that should master from personnel of course of study or the website optimizes the 10 great skill that should master from personnel of course of study.

The 2nd action:

The language replaces a method, the 10 great skill that if the website is optimized,should master from personnel of course of study so we are OK also website of help of 10 great skill optimizes instead personnel does good actor chemical industry to make.

Bogus of content of the 2nd phase achieves a standard formerly, undertake adjust and be changinged making website content adds new lease of life to website content namely.

Method one: Article head ministry changes a law to be used to the first paragraph of word of the article namely be achieved formerly or bogus achieves kind formerly, namely a paragraph of him word of article begin will write, arrive probably from number 200 the left and right sides had better, for instance you can write the first paragraph of word the summary of a few viewpoints that you had read this article and view, also can rise to conduct action so.

Method 2: A paragraph of sentence of yourself is imposed in the rear of the article, I believe everybody sees rife friend, see below a lot of websites a lot of those who added explanatory note.

Method 3: The bogus of paragraph setting method is achieved formerly, affecting article content and the case that read a gender to fall, you can arrange the order of the article anew.

Method 4: The amalgamative standard that bogus achieves formerly, incorporate many relevant articles an article, automatical achieve an article formerly into what belong to yourself for.

Method 5: Other method, website interior links construction and anchorage character construction, increase user experience to spend the similar sex that also reduced identical website content.

Talk about so much temporarily, everybody can go up in Baidu dragnet Wu knows the result that sees me popularize.

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