The duplicate content of SEO and repeat content

In the article that optimizes promotion in SEO website, mentioned the problem of duplicate content for many times, and the comparison that the Chinese version of Google says is polite, used term is to repeat content.

In the eye that searchs engine, judge duplicate content to have a lot of idea, and the case that Google once also had introduced this respect.

Of course I think to search engine to duplicate content can punish somewhat, searching engine at least is professed the content that oneself like fresh extraordinary.

Although be in what the website administrator of Google supports a center to duplicate content part, did not use so strict language to collecting content, but also introduced a few methods,will solve certain problem.

1) unless repeat content to look meaning operate in beguiling user search engine result, otherwise, we won’t take extraordinary step to having the website that repeats content. If your website existence repeats content question, and you did not follow afore-mentioned proposals, we can choose the content version that shows in searching a result well.
2) but, if our checkup shows you used beguiling sex method, so your website already was deleted from inside our search result, ask careful examine and verify your website. If you already undertook the website violates our website administrator guideline no longer change and assuring, so that,refer a website please new examine and verify. The mail center in tool of the member that we will use Google website to manage notifies the newest state of the application about you to you.

3) if you discover another website is passed,borrowed (embezzle and pilfer edition) the content that repeats you, this is unlikely that to you the website searchs the rank in result page to produce negative effect in Google. If you discover the case that makes a person vinegary particularly, welcome you to submit DMCA application, the property that statement holds to photograph inside Shanghaiguan, ask to delete other website from inside Google index.

1 above, 2, 3 I am added, textual do not have.

1) generally speaking is in same inside the website, have the problem of duplicate content, the edition that Google can find it to had thought with his algorithm is put in searching a result originally, this question is not accordingly big.

2) and if have the way that cheats a gender, be aimed at Google namely, or the search engine of other comes cogged, so Google won’t be irresolute when firmness is needed, can direct after affirm processing.

3) be borroweded by others when the website, and the repetition that happen content, google self-confidence can have solved this problem, so it thinks not to need overmuch concern. The view of DavidYin is not such, it is so called the case that makes a person vinegary particularly, before run to the person that achieve formerly with respect to the rank that is the person that borrowed, this is the place that makes former writer very vinegary, so refer DMCA to make an efficient instrument, and this also is I once was opposite the person that borrowed takes complained cause.

Below such circumstance, no matter be duplicate content, still repeat content, not be meddlesome, want to avoid the happening of this kind of circumstance as far as possible.

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