The dimensional SEO with QQ mad also space is politic

Should amending plan is me this morning or obtain, hope the FUNS of pair of broad QQ spaces is helped somewhat, make give those who belong to oneself, of extraordinary, before the rank leans, Qq space. (Not gibberish, return subject)

The first thing that we should do above all is keyword fixed position:

The word competition such as QQ space is at present intimate, obtain a rank extremely hard, the proposal changes the relevant keyword with a bit weak competition, these relevant statements, every word also has the thousands of visit flow of on 10 thousand everyday, if regard as is good,rank, that discharge still very considerable.

Locate the keyword is at present: QQ space, QQ space code, QQ leaves a message code, QQ space pattern plate, be not code of mainstream QQ space

One, the homepage revises:

1, caption is revised

Problem: Homepage caption is too at present long, the keyword is overmuch, obtain a rank very hard so, and can dispersive center, cause a keyword unavailable good rank.

Modification plan:

2, the keyword revises:

Problem: Label of home page keyword is at present medium, did not include a keyword, need tries to install.

Modification plan:

3, brief introduction revises:

Problem: The keyword was not included in brief introduction setting at present, go against search engine to rank, the confluence in needing to writing brief introduction enters a keyword.

Modification plan:

4, layout revises:

Problem: 1, at present website homepage be apart is too wide between each module, affect visual result, the proposal reduces the interval between module, can achieve better visual result. .

2, effect of navigation column vision is very general, the proposal changes to show pattern otherly.

3, the setting color of female picture of QQ blame mainstream male demand and the blue all round are excessive color is very abrupt, visual effect is more general.

2, inside the page revises:

1, caption revises:

Problem: At present all inside page headline is too long, need is revised brief.

Modification plan:

My estimation appears at present this reason is grow what when setting website tag because of backstage, install too, so long caption just appears when page of place less than is called, the proposal writes the headline of the homepage in the skin directly, QQ space station is thought of with dance clever dance when backstage installs caption next, the title that can yield tiring-room so is more succinct.

2, brief introduction revises:

The proposal deletes the label of brief introduction.

3, layout revises:

On the right side of the proposal green instead and left and same blue, such visual effects are better.

3, other proposal:

1, when becoming a link with other website, link a character to use a keyword among them, recommend code of the space that use QQ.

2, the website maintains update continuously, update 10 articles above the least everyday.

3, at present space of the QQ on the homepage this word, occurrence amount is overmuch, can be when the implied meaning is newer, in the caption of the article proper little appear space of a few QQ, because keyword density is exorbitant,perhaps meet otherwise, bring about certain penalty. (Yang Zhenqiu