The development trend of SEO and obtain employment circumstance were analysed 2009

The trend of SEO how? Is the job of SEO good 2009 search? Baidu knew new personality of li of a SEO to quiz so yesterday. I answer above question today:

The first problem: The trend of SEO how?

This problem I answer back and forth from two angle:

The 1st: SEO got engine serves the acquiesce of business searching, domestic Baidu and cereal song gave the front the response, CEO plum Yan Hong appeals Baidu to use SEO correctly, gu Ge affirms the intention of SEO first, business of two the biggest search engine service should build department of search engine sale (SEM) ; SEM accords with the existence fact of SEO already, more the demand that accords with an enterprise.

The 2nd: SEO search engine optimizes pair of company sale the help is very great, SEO has made the tool of first selection sale of enterprise Internet sale.

The 2nd problem: Is the job of SEO good 2009 search?

What this question asks is very good, my answer is affirmative, what kind of below economic crisis work searchs hard, but only the job of SEO had better seek, and pay is not as little as other profession, does the reason where? The reason is very actually simple, global financial crisis, people demand consumption falls, foreign trade glides badly, industrial catenary breaks chain almost, company capital is in short supply, below this kind of austere form the enterprise should resemble living fell, must have done two businesses: One, managing cost expenses, 2, increase sale strength; Want to had done these two businesses really, SEO is first selection. The reason is the following:

One, SEO can be an enterprise managing capital cost:

1.Advertisement of website of information of enterprise cancel portal (100 thousand / month) ;

2.Keyword of engine of enterprise cancel search is popularized (10 words, attacked at 1 o’clock / 5 yuan, click 1000 times everyday) ;

3.Cut down phone salesperson (can cut down half) ;

The expenditure that above saves every months, the enterprise is OK and detailed estimation, I did not calculate in detail here, valence comparing does not have the sex of SEO but set limit to!

2, SEO can increase sale strength for the enterprise:

1.Website and product keyword rank Baidu home page, the effect is not inferior popularize at doing Baidu keyword;

2.SEO searchs engine to optimize the user that pays attention to a website to experience;

3.SEO is right whole website undertook optimizing, not just bureau be confined to of keyword of a few core optimize, all products undertook the website optimize, rank of Baidu of website product name surmounts a competitor;

4.SEO makes the enterprise got most the visit user with standard essence group, sale rises considerably.

Sum up finally: The development trend outlook of SEO is long-range, allow to weigh and the path is far; SEO profession also will have a boundless future, but SEO practitioner must ask strictly oneself doing, the person that make profession of a successful SEO, perfect the existing inadequacy of SEO industry, develop SEO industry hard broad.

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