The development of quality and dimensions, about collection a few do what one can

The development of quality and dimensions:

This is the word that hears in the report on the what conference that just listened to president to be in an institute 10 years today: (simplify, because very not important, make introductory music only)

Our JJ institute, pursue the strategy that quality and dimensions develop all the time, try hard 10 years, from penniless became present position. Someone says our ignored quality, but I want to say to have dimensions ability is influential force, dimensions ability stresses quality truly. Arrive in school development 35000, usable capital has 3 100 million, divide 2 regular pay of 100 million, still have 100 million can enough we are controlled, what thing still is done? Before is not to have a XX college, pursue quality all the time the first, those who catch quality is very fierce very famous, but you see him now, or so elementary school courtyard, hear enrolled a teacher to be not enrolled repeatedly (the laugh that saying appreciably is complacent) . . (section choosing, can remember was necessary to draw up those who come is so much probably)

Can contact the impressions that does a website to go up to mine:

Can be quality and dimensions put just about make a station above? (think a little, it which seem to put is OK to seem to put) can you use the issue that the look upon of differentiate card collects just about? Then swaggeringly begin to write rise.

Close collect a few do what one can at quality and dimensions:

All the time since the likelihood has two kinds of clearer contrary point of views, to collecting, have the person that do not collect stoutly (I am this kind, long-term person pork is newer, impressions may be so more) the person that also have mad collection. Gutty still hold concurrently and have do rubbish station insanity to collect do pork of normal station person to wait newlier.

Couplet thinks of quality and dimensions, can differentiate person pork newlier to quality probably, have quality, inside the limits of heavy quality, and collecting is dimensions of rapid expansion website is indicative. (the effective still fruit that also does not eliminate to the thing that collects ace to be able to collect high quality is updated than people person pork of course)

The most important when beginning to make a station should be to search engine to collect. And how does search engine collect you? In this initial stage, the serious your work of the mass data that I feel suddenly to collect type of load one’s writing with fancy phrases is used. (the key shows website information is much, include but not be confined to is used only collect)

Want, the station that calculates you just has 10 pages only in all, even if collected entirely can how? But if go up,the line has 1000 pages, can searching the spider of engine to climb be how? 1000 pages link the station that compares 10 pages inside ceaseless station, it is very big on the difference that drawing a spider, the Yue Qin that quite much spider climbs the page is fast, those who climb is more collect a page more, such loop goes down. The is collected page that searching engine is carried, have profit anyhow.

This can be the searching engine promotion of dimensions, can use those who collect the dimensions that enlarges him website to add search engine to collect a page not only, can promote the visit of website user the experience more.

Want, the user opens a website, see layout is empty, what idea can you have? The user is generating strong interest to your website, abrupt discovery unexpectedly this column did whole even website look what to idea you can have? The content that the content that calculates you is repeatability of the height on the net how? Also can having an user absolutely is first time to certain information in you here sees! Again, the website that flush now technology allows you completely contains a large number of information and a bit does not affect an user to experience. The cent page that is information list nevertheless at most is some more just. Stick a quantity with respect to what resemble forum, a few pages are usually the following the thing is basic person of it doesn’t matter goes paying close attention to, and what can see is not to pass search to index is propped up and come, the user that belongs to the person that go up to be interested namely browses browse.

And at quality, if be the dimensions of absoluteness augment website merely,say accomplish nothing finally. Good website cannot leave person pork to update absolutely, and can say completely, what the pitch with good website and person pork update is active degree having major concern. If do not have assiduous and active person pork to update, that and be full of flush rubbish to stand to have again why to distinguish? A belief that believes more people are to have his a bit originality just increases an interest became a center! As to how to stress quality, I believe everybody has his idea already for certain.

Anyhow, collect the dimensions that can accelerate a website to change, proper and reasonable collection can make the website scores a lot of gain absolutely. Advocate those who insist to need not be collected so, had not used those who collect, won’t the friends with what collect, a little a bit more floriferous idea arrives collect go up, because yield at collected labor relatively,compare for be to deserve all center study absolutely.

There is dimensions finally ability is influential force, dimensions ability stresses quality truly. The problem that collects should be differentiate card in look upon.