The development of gregarious media will make SEO becomes more complex

Won times website head a few days ago the column implied meaning that print gave to come from Brafton website. Think all alone engine optimizes search to become the development as gregarious media more complex in the article.

Enter Web2.0 phase as more and more companies, a lot of people hope to pass Facebook of gregarious website such as or Twitter will help them realize search engine to optimize. Be in especially at present economic crisis envelops the whole world, before company sale is immersed in standstill, stop, this appears more pressing especially on one hand.

However, an industry expert thinks to be done so however it is more difficult to will make search engine to optimize the job to become.

Columnist of Search Engine Land, searching engine to optimize Eric Enge of president of advisory company Stone Temple Consulting to think to use gregarious website is a very good method, can increase the online magnitude exposing to the sun of the enterprise. But the future that he also thinks gregarious website searchs the change engine to optimize at the same time.

Although Enge does not think this information that gregarious website appears can replace a website,the rank needs the other and important segment that make, but it is medium that she feels gregarious to the website is sure to search engine to optimize whole system in the website the effect with independent main play.

Such you are OK thinking: The retrorse link that from a height calculable website gets will make Enge of how precious a resource is written, no less, come from these links of gregarious website, show the enthusiasm that gives them when them especially or negativity when, this is a very strong signal.

Search engine of the United States optimizes research to go in the front row of the times in this respect, these study an expert can very the clue that acumen ground smell may change a got-up affair to change to any. The congress of search engine sale that comes from the United States likewise (/ in April 9 Xiamen) always also pay close attention to a bit that comes from search engine industry to change in China, the person that convenient and all website is popularized is in obtain what more comes from a network to click for a short while.

Altogether, these companies had found to search engine to optimize the confluence with gregarious website is one wins the good way that takes search engine credit. The expert Machael Gray that there is contribution quite in credit sale respect also approves such way, he thinks the company is OK the letter expenditure that Linkedin of such as of website of socialization of have the aid of and commercial catalog raise oneself website etc.