The dependency of the website, authority and practical analysis

Major the article about SEO, easy focusing is on SEO detail problem, the SEO rich settle or live in a strange place that includes my ZAC and our Seo-sh are.

Discuss detail issue, can let abecedarian easily know to start to optimize his website from where.

Is the widespread doubt of new personality? How I am optimized. Why by K? Why to return yesterday well, the rank came down again today. . . Everybody is helped analyse the 3 element of next websites below!

But mastered these technicality when you occasionally hind, need jumps out, look from liberal side, after all what kind of website can index there is an advantage in propping up a rank in search?

And look in me, a website wants to engine likes and be appeared in the front row of the rank by the search, must want to have dependency, authority and practical formed at 3 o’clock!

1, the dependency of website content(Reject to cheat an user! Beguiling SE0! Beguiling SE0!!

Namely whether do the keyword that the user searchs and webpage oneself content match conform to, whether to have dependency.

Of dependency it is OK to strengthen optimize those who will achieve with one fraction link through be being optimized inside the page. Include the keyword position distribution inside the page, the emphasis of the keyword, analyse gotten dependency through semantics, the arrangement of in-house link, webpage caption. The anchorage character of exterior link, and the content that links a page, also can produce an effect to the dependency of target webpage.

The dependency of content is the person that does a website the easiest pilot, also be the easiest by cogged. The search engine of generation basically makes judgement with dependency, but after be in a complete mess by what exploit an advantage gets, must introduce authority measure. Had developed the 3rd generation to search engine now!

2, the authority of website and webpage

The authority of website or webpage, it is by exterior catenary fetch is measured for the most part. The exterior link of high quality is more, the authority of website or webpage itself is taller. Additional, the domain name registers time (longer authority jumps over tall) , the stability of the website, a few detail such as privacy right policy, also can affect the authority of the website.

What still require an attention additionally is, exterior link is to have to the influence of website authority alternative, come from the link of relevant content website that is to say, to increasing authority the help is the biggest, the link help of not relevant content is very little. For instance if I add a link to website of a certain picture on home page, the authority to the other side hardly what help. Because apparently, my website itself does not have what authority in picture respect.

The authority of the website cannot be done the person of the website is controlled completely, want cogged quite take time is arduous, many group of hair are easier and easier also now be detected. But going up somehow, authority still can be operated. No matter be beautiful money or beautiful time, can get more factitious links, what search engine begins to consider a website now is practical.

3, of the website practical

Be opposite namely for the user, does your website have after all how old good? Is the user the website that likes you? Website of identical a few types should I go to come here? What do you take to attract me to come?

The time that if the user is in,your website spends is much, number of the page that browse is much, often see your website in different time, and still was joined collect a title label pasted on the cover of a Chinese-style thread-bound book, and the station is signed in different net submit a written statement to a higher authority added a comment, the website that these can help search all alone engine understands you is right of the user practical. (Of course SE also can pass an analysis can yourself adds these comments! (Of course SE also can pass an analysis can yourself adds these comments!!

The toolbar that searchs engine can be helped gather this kind of information, search engine also can use more and more social network websites to gather information.

Of the website practical want cogged more difficult, because you do not have the behavior means of the computer of method control user and user. Not be to be impossible completely of course. If your website is in,do not pass dependency, authority, practical go up very outstanding, still be cogged come, this possibility is very small.