The creation that SEO content gives priority to

Be based on a the basiccest regulation, the existence that searchs engine discovers content namely to help an user. A when so SEO search engine optimizes main job is the content construction of website oneself. Having good content just is the cornerstone of SEO. Want to remember: Such doing whether can you help an user? If nonexistent search index is propped up, whether to still meet such doing? Attract the user coming over is SEO, but should change the user into the client, it is SEO not merely.

Content creation should have specific aim above all, one is to be aimed at an user, one is to be aimed at search to index is propped up or say a keyword. And the choice of the keyword still depends on user, because you are informed path user,can searching engine to use what keyword.

The choice all through the ages of the keyword is the key of SEO. Every website serves according to his or the product decides the keyword of core very easily, but this also often is the keyword with the most intense competition. Unless you are the old of this industry,want to consolidate oneself position, perhaps want to become industry leader directly, so the location that you must choose appropriate auxiliary keyword meticulously to be cut truly. Core keyword need not too much, but consideration of auxiliary keyword need is very much, for instance age of district, user is waited a moment, should notice valuable long end keyword particularly.

And the content creation that is aimed at a keyword is about to spread out according to core keyword and auxiliary keyword. Same content itself also has core content and auxiliary content, have the located place in side key and website severally, and mutual the link between. The page that writes in the light of the keyword is your website entrance likewise, search engine to land a page namely. To reflecting the entrance page that gives value, you should be inspected go treating with website home page, go further safeguarding.

The user finds your website entrance page from search engine, enter the page of our elaborate design. So, now is to be aimed at the creation content of user itself to begin to act well. Although have the keyword that the user is interested in, but the content that even the user is interested, accord with the taste of the user. So, in the light of the content of the user creation needs to guess the think of a way of the user, what does the user need, want what to see, what do you offer. For instance, your product faces senile user, the narration of so normal authority more make they believe and be at ease. And young user may prefer humorous and relaxed written language, detailed perhaps and meticulous technology data.

The particular kind of writing is OK diversification, also need what otherwise is the same as to keep hand and creation kind in the light of different fixed position. For instance, creation means has collect, interpreter and 2 creation, and oneself are original pass content formerly. And write hand and handlers to want very the conjecture user of the intention, will get used to an user. Starting other staff to create a few characters together additionally also is important. What should remember is, yourself also is an user at the same time. Should nag a bit, be kind to his also is to be kind to an user at the same time, such ability attract an user, tarry user.

Last bits, turn the user into your client namely. Must not forget to leave changeover entrance in the most conspicuous place, for instance the member of the website registers a link, or the direct connection means that is you. After letting an user be interested can seasonable connection, undertake next, finished SEO to search the network sale technological process that engine optimizes.