The core SEO idea that takes the person that visit in the website wants correct

The article leaves piece, please concessional I am in stationmaster people before show oneself up comes fly a sign: The person of very much not familiar SEO is right the error of visit course of study, ask everybody to remember SEO is not a result, however process.

Seo service attributes burgeoning trade, a lot of people feel unfamiliar to this word. Below the form that seeks hegemony with Baidu in home, an enterprise or individual station want to stand firm on Internet must bring into contact with this word. The Zhi Yong that is stationmaster and search engine actually struggles.

Morality of need of Seo service line of business is essential. A little factitious in this industry make money without place need not its extremely, many people use individual stationmaster to enter a life not deep, use the proprietor of an enterprise does not know a network and earn black heart money.

Every industry wants to develop to must want continuously well-regulated, at present the service of domestic Seo just exists a few go regular, still do not have formal regulation. This makes this industry very non-standard, all sorts of services are multifarious. So I feel current what to need most is the code that puts forward proclaimed in writing to this industry.

We speak of domestic education wanting to catch up with. At present domestic university has not opened Seo this course, only 9 groom the orgnaization is accessary professor, do not have perfect professor flow. The personage inside course of study perhaps can say, we are known went, let more people know to grab rice bowl with us why. This word is right it seems that, but the development that what I should say today is Seo service, did not teach the evolution that where comes. Everybody cherishs sth of little value only because it is own without communication, how to raise the level of oneself and others. Level of domestic Seo service is those who compare abroad is low, but our starting point is high, the experience lesson of the abroad below summary can make we take roundabout way less.

Take a website seriously to optimize, be inferior to taking website content and user experience seriously! SEO is website content only adjust, improve a form that the user experiences, it is for more convenient let an user find you through searching engine, do not let an user see a website also do not come again.

Certain search engine takes user experience and content seriously to be achieved formerly quite, if why rise in this two respects?

User experience:

The first. The network address of the website is close friends write down

The 2nd. The safeguard of dimensional speed is medium want

The 3rd. Home page layout, can provide function of a search swift perhaps passage, let an user find need as soon as possible.

The 4th. Probably your website data accords with an user, but the user returns the likelihood some problems, so how to do? Contrast the website contacts means, so the connection means of the website should be put in the most convenient the place that search. Still have even if can offer in online the means that seek advice or leaves a message, if plus FAQ rises body of concentration of a few common problems, website function is better.

The 5th. Main basis website or the tool that the demand of the enterprise puts a few major, can offer download, demonstrate to wait.

Website content:

Do optimizing is important be certain one, content is king:

1, the content that achieves an article to search engine to like to had not been collected formerly, collecting also is the fastest!

2, caption is appropriate the center that caption is an article, it is the overview of content, holding good title is the key that the article composes.

3, keyword density does not want for Seo Seo, but also should join a keyword appropriately, of course of this need time accumulate, with his iteration the experiment needs to be experienced slowly so.

4, the content that institutional conformity reads, bogus is achieved formerly also is a right choice

You can serve as the person that visit, the website that needs to oneself goes experiencing content of website user experience, website, advantage and defect collect, believe you can find a means of settlement!

SEO is holding to again!