The core competition ability of SEO

Core competition ability is an enterprise (talent, what the country perhaps participates in competition is individual) the ability that can gain competitive advantage for a long time. It is company place is peculiar, can of withstand time trial, have extend a gender, and be a competitor hard me-too technology or ability. Core competition ability is the those basiccest in company competition ability competition dominant position that can make whole industry maintains long-term stability, competition ability that gains stable super profit, it is skill asset is mixed run the enterprise oneself with organic and shirt-sleeve mechanism to organize ability, it is an enterprise carry out interior management sexual strategy and exterior trade the result of sexual strategy.

Explanation of above core competition ability is picked from Baidu 100 divisions. What is the core competition ability of SEO? Often pondering over this problem recently, arrange train of thought to make summary a bit later:

1.SEO smell

Discover when you a market perhaps says a keyword, you can become aware competitive degree, value and benefit. At the same time you can have the fast SEO technology that uses oneself and experience to grab anticipate opportunity quickly. If you are met only real SEO skill, those are not core competition ability, try again because of others time, can catch up with you quickly, if you can know search reference in time,prop up algorithmic except of course.

2.SEO confluence

The element of the rank knows for the most part, major person does not know the ingredient of the rank again. Understanding B or Stong weight are so tall the SEO level that does not show you is banner. The confluence with the perfect oneself of the element that only you will rank and sale and specific website, that ability is core competition ability, it is to make a sale likewise, some dress warmly and ear one’s fill are not solved, some does one sheet to be able to eat a few years. Is what said not to solve dress warmly and ear one’s fill the technological process that does not know a sale?

3. content is made

The SEO times of king is in content, won’t the SEOer that content makes does not calculate on SEO level how excellent, if you go popularizing, is spark is gotten cannot again Martian content, can be imagined, collect can become an issue. Content production level is not your writing level, however the level of the content that you give a search engine, of course you can cooperate with the editor or other channel undertakes content is built. This is cannot by easily me-too.

4. links bait

Wonderful achieving content formerly is inherent link bait, but link bait not bureau be confined to is wonderful achieve content formerly. If you associate,lotus elder sister, Mu Zimei admires to be met according to the door understand this deep. Oneself once had written 10 kinds of methods of production link bait, it is OK that the effect still calculates, brought the catenary outside a lot of nature to me. But if you just draw up content and do not go undertaking operating, so inherent link bait is the waste of resource. The level that links bait also one of core competition ability that be worthy of is SEO.

5.SEO resource

Others is done not have and resource of your some SEO is the core competition ability of SEO, the SEO resource others that you have cannot imitate the core competition ability that is SEO likewise. Of course the collection of resource and make those who use a level to decide core competition ability as much is strong weak.

Actually SEO core competition ability still involves a lot of detail, do not have careful careful research specificly, differ the enumerate of one. Find the core competition ability of own SEO, you just can be in SEO benefit at incincible position.