The content that is hype to showing the view SEO of level SEO

See SEO is done now so fire, I want to say only, this is the content of hype, can say SEO, became again now the phenomenon of one big deformation on Internet, just like in those days scampish software is same, without what value but character.

We can discuss SEO from following respects?

One, what kind of website is doing SEO?

The website that does SEO comes up from essence say, plant with respect to cent:

1, the company stands.

This also is why the reason that SEO is fried aglowly, this goods economy is medium now, who is the richest, it is an enterprise of course, who most be willing to part with or use spends money, also be an enterprise of course. The reason is very simple, company station optimizes search engine through SEO, can let an user see his product with utmost, foremost rank, produce commodity to sell behavior from now on. So the company also is willing to make investment here.

2, rubbish website.

These sites are the product that does not offer what materiality to perhaps be helpful for Internet developing truly commonly, they need flow only, will produce advertisement to put in benefit. This is the impulsion of the way that stationmaster leave no stone unturned seeks SEO to optimize.

2, the harm that does SEO to bring

The gigantic golden eggs that SEO brings, it is the source power that stationmaster and enterprise urge, but if the user is on Internet,I believe the thing of search, should appearing is rubbish and advertising time completely, this moment, you can hate the website of those SEO certainly.

The face still has a serious problem here, everybody had not considered the possibility, this is commercial regulation. This is pulled said greatly, why is Chinese enterprise done not quite not long perhaps? Why? More reasons destroy commercial regulation namely. The practice of Chinese major company is to see a certain industry makes money commonly, enter a certain industry, adopted step, it is in order to seek profits for the purpose, not hesitate the regulation that destroys an industry, blow upon this group, clear away next walk person, change an industry to come again blow upon other group.

I consider such case already very much!

3, SEO future how?

Perhaps my idea is extremely wrong. But the point of view that also expresses me here! Present SEO as in those days scampish software, be all-pervasive. But everybody saw the end of scampish software! Scampish software can say to disappear from the scene now, perhaps changed his appearance, have a bit at least, the apiration that rapes an user no longer. Don’t I know who the terminator of SEO is? But I believe, SEO dies surely!

When fairness happening tilts badly, total meeting somebody of come out boldly, when the netizen more when be being raped by SEO, total meeting has a miracle to appear! Sure hereinto of search engine company acts important role, and net witenagemot is opposite as itself the control of Internet knowledge, the can natural website that flows to those to provide content for Internet truly.

This ability is true Internet main body.