The competitive depth that searchs engine to optimize 7 kinds of weapons measures an analysis

Core clew: The website is ranked as abysmal ocean general, the resistance that the more depth region sustains is greater also. Briny obstruction is formed by a lot of elements, same, seo competition depth also is form by a lot of kinds of elements. Next I do not call big face cat to compete labor of deepness form, and among actual combat how accurate measurement the competitive depth with located keyword.

Of competitive depth form

1. Website age

2. The keyword is compressed change rate

3. Domain name

4. Inside catenary

5. Outside catenary

6. Replace rate

7. The keyword searchs a quantity

In the main factor of above, the age of the website is having crucial effect, search engine connects regular meeting accord to build station history to compare the weight with long a few taller website, so although Seo skill is used very reasonable, surmount the time that build a station very hard also to be as long as between one night 1-2 year website.

The keyword is compressed change rate, those who point to is website keyword choice is compressed change rate, alleged and compressed change that is to say to want to avoid simplification with class keyword, exclusive advocate it is admittedly important to hit a keyword, but such meetings restrict website theme on certain level.

Domain name, optimize to English will tell, the keyword is being included among the domain name is indispensable. Optimize to Chinese also not allow small inspect, happy net is a typical case.

Inside catenary, the interior of the website is linked, the reasonable rate of catenary is compared inside outside catenary can affect the rank of a website between search engine more, because outside the malady that catenary cannot avoid rubbish completely to link place to bring, and inside catenary won’t produce rubbish link greatly.

Outside catenary, weight is tall, spend related tall, the spider guides the volume is high outside the catenary influence to the rank also is tremendous, but such link often can be encountered and cannot beg, accordingly, the catenary outside doing optimizes need Seo to lay in many high quality to link resource from personnel of course of study.

Replace rate, the spider can consult to the capture of the website the website is in normally the newer rate inside a paragraph of period, the newer rate that keeps taller can attract a spider long-term, frequent patronage, very helpful also to increasing website weight.

The keyword searchs a quantity, the search amount that says here is not the frequency that the user searchs this keyword, show the keyword serves as however change the search number that sexual keyword produces. Change sexual keyword I do not call this concept big face cat can detailed in the article later introduction.

Be aimed at at these elements, the formula that keyword competition depth measures basically reached:

Age of website of competitive depth =30%() + 15%(keyword is compressed change rate) + the catenary inside 20%() + 5%(domain name) + 10%(replaces rate) + the catenary outside 10%() + 10%(keyword searchs a quantity)