The commonly used method that the website optimizes

SEO is not unfamiliar already to us, the action of SEO is a person from all know, how that should be optimized to a website? The website is optimized is a long process, we discuss the common method that the website optimizes together today, the hope can help everybody. We know any website wants by analytic after becoming Html, browser ability identifies, in other words, with the website that an any technologies do, it is by the browser analytic become Html. Accordingly we must be known, page of a Html divides composition by 3, be Html then begin label and end label, the beginning of Head label and end label, the beginning of Body label and end label. It is good that to the beginning of Html label and bear thing label are the same as it doesn’t matter tell, we talk about Head and Body below the knowledge of this two respects:

One, Head optimizes:

Head part is search engine most read taken part first, there is decisive effect in Seo, especially that action of Title and Description is more self-evident, this one part basically pays attention to Meta label to optimize.

We pay close attention to META to have 3 Title, Keywords, Description at most, still having is not too commonly used Subject, Author, Copyright. After affirmatory good keyword, how will arrange a keyword to distributing is to have cultured very much actually in these 3 label. Not exaggerated says, at first my individual studies these 3 label were spent near the time of half an year, next I share everybody with respect to what a few experience this half an year are without reservation.

1, Title

Title is similar also a Description. The depict of Title needs to notice normally at 4 o’clock:

(1) do not want load one’s writing with fancy phrases too much key word

(2) caption shoulds not be too long, control is in 30 Chinese

(3) the confluence of long end keyword

(4) the segmentation between the keyword uses a symbol | Or, can.

With: / Product/96.html is exemple. The sees this page keyword that we can be clear about is yellow aspergillus element determine appearance, and of other is long end word, when doing Title, must pay attention to writing skill, the keyword should be written reach the designated position, but also do not want load one’s writing with fancy phrases at the same time, also pay attention to at the same time have new idea.

2, Keywords

Keywords label eye comes round to say Yahoo is paid attention to quite, the word of Baidu and Google has been lost gradually take seriously, of course, we everybody does not know when they were paid attention to again, so Keywords is necessary to write, how to write? General the keyword that when I am being written, I write a few core only, the form of use English comma is apart, it is good to make Keywords succinct as far as possible, also do not have the skill with extraordinary what.

3, Description

Description often keyword of our layout website and the place of keyword length end, is Description a more important label? What we dare affirm is Google saying is, where is Baidu? Respecting Baidu the capture to Description, the description that at present a lot of websites search a result in Baidu is not the Description that shows he writes among information, the some part content that showed website coping however serves as a description. Someone said: This is the content that Baidu thinks to be gone to by capture more agree with descriptive website itself, completely not right also, after your website collects stability, baidu still shows Description. Description and Titlle are had equal position, each SEOER undertakes optimizing skill in great quantities to this two respects, with / Product/233.html is exemple. The keyword of this page is gluten determines appearance, in Title, had undertaken to this keyword enough much repetition, but it is insufficient that mere Title is written so, and with did not undertake detailed analytic specification to the keyword, the word number that Title limits is not much also, and the occurrence as it happens of Description solved this inadequacy.

4, Subject, Author, Copyright

We use these 3 label very less commonly, when do we use these 3 label more appropriate? These 3 label are used between website of a few small business more, especially the website that home page does not have content of how many text, optimize rise have difficulty. Can rise to add the effect of keyword layout and density. Subject expresses the meaning of the theme of the website, title, author is an author, copyright copyright.

2, of Body part optimize

Body is the main body of a page, the action in SEO also is important of course, of this part optimizing also hold the hardest. If your " Head " what optimize partly is again good, serve as support without Body, that search engine regards you as probably cogged, even if did not regard as cogged, give you impossibly also very good weight. Of this part optimize, oneself think to basically be noted below of two respects optimize.

(one) , keyword density, layout

Keyword layout is SEO in the center a bit crucial, good keyword density and layout are a key that ranks rapid promotion, however what kind of keyword density and layout are just better?

1, above all we see keyword density

We encounter a lot of people to often say at first, more or less does the density of the keyword never mind actually, as long as reasonable good. Then I give you density 50% . He may say: NO, NO, NO is apparent, reasonable it is right, how much is the key of density very essential, is not to never mind. I think density also wants to be in at least 3% or 3% above, otherwise density appears too low, dependency is met a little within an inch of. Word control of height is in 10% the following.

2, keyword layout

The substation of the keyword follows 3 principles: 1, from the top down 2, from left to right 3, nowhere is absent

My individual research has keyword position two kinds of means:

(1) distributing equably

(2) concentration + distributing equably

How to examine the keyword overall arrangement of a word? A certain keyword is searched in Baidu, click Baidu snapshot to be able to be examined next. This action calls Baidu snapshot the law.

Distributing equably: This should very good understanding, what concern key word to appear in every corner of your website with dispersive form between snapshot namely, and you ensure they are evener, be in so depict Meta or the arrangement of article content should have have a program beforehand. Concentration + distributing equably: This kind of means I all the time continue to use, the result is right still. The keyword that lets some share on the foundation that distributings equably rises centrally. For instance the head this significant position. The layout of the keyword is not optional, it is very sedulous.

(2) , inside catenary is optimized

The construction of catenary is an as dry as a chip process inside, and it is arduous, however the rank result that its later period brings is evident, stable. Do serious optimizing, must have laid the foundation of the website, although you are ranked now bad, be made fun of by a few people, but often laugh at last person the most sweetly. The construction of catenary has 5 common methods inside:

1, website navigation: The navigation of website of a lot of moment often is the 2 class keyword of the website, every update a page to give these the keyword inside catenary, as time passes, such inside catenary is a bit powerful.

2, link of anchorage dot keyword: For instance some article or a certain place mentioned pol plan this word, then pol plan can be received repeatedly advocate domain name / go above Product/544.html, finish the link of anchorage text so, do not want an all pol nevertheless plan become a link, did a few to go, too much let search engine to feel disgusted instead.

3, relevant article link: Between content construction, some literary works often can raise in the article or the article with some stronger dependency, in the form that caption link appears in the article. It is popular literary works additionally link, series article link, FAQ. Between content construction, some article often can be mentioned in the article.

Foot of 4. website page is average we are in the page the foot places copyright information to wait a moment, somebody is used to is to be in the place of page foot to give most the keyword of core returns chain, perhaps repeat navigation. Be being written down so that do not get your page foot so that resemble is to be in compose is OK. This is a spent question.

5, tool of cartography of website map use XML makes map of a XML to the website, of the creeping capture to the spider and search engine collect have clear improvement, appear at this o’clock more important in future

If can hold each detail of above, your SEO technology had arrived home, what SEO pays attention to is detail, do the more when SEO or want to have patience.