The catenary outside increasing and way of retrorse link quality reach a note

Core clew: Exterior link is a basic website promotion approach, a nice retrorse link brings an user not only, more gain the high quality weight that searching engine. A few notes that the catenary outside article introduction popularizes.

Add the way of the link

1. The website that looks for your friend helps you add the link of your website. One-way link is best to your website effect.

2. In Google and the theme that Baidu inquires your website. See the retrorse link of the website that ranks the first page. The retrorse link that inquires a website inquires means: Link: ?  contacts these websites to exchange a link with you next with respect to  two? . Or give money to become one-way link with them.

3. Inquire the Blog that has been collected by the search stands greatly, go every weeks a Blog and your website content duplicates to arrive in Blog. Duplicate content arrives when the website the content that there must be key word of your website theme in duplicate content.

4. If you can be written very much. Offer sketch technically for a few large websites. Let them add the link of your website. . You input the caption that you publish in Google and Baidu search casing. Can see the content that N much website reprints your website.

5. Go giving them the review below the individual Blog content that a few large Blog had been collected by search engine. Add your website link. This best and manual kind goes do, be dripped easily by K otherwise!

6. If you have right technology, and your website is the word that achieves formerly entirely. Output your website content into Rss. Refer his Google and Baidu news center. Can have on W Ip draws your website. Also can be cited by N much website.

7. If you also can be written. Another stationmaster also can be written. That you two can cooperate. The soft article that he writes publishs the link that adds you. The soft article that you write also adds his link. Publish at the same time next. Different content has both of you link. This but pair of winning tweak.

8. Refer the website to open catalog Dmoz(dmoz. Org) , the time that Dmoz collects a website is longer, the likelihood needs a month even 1 year of time. But the effect after collecting is very apparent.

9. Good now much larger site has the favorite on the net. For instance Yahoo favorite. Qq bookmark, on Google and Baidu dragnet the favorite has N much.

10. Popular now Ask loves to ask. Baidu knows to wait for interlocution system. The key word of your website is searched in these sites. The issue related the answer closes leave your website network address.

11. If you often bubble forum. Sign the individual character of forum the key word that changes your website is linked.