The car carries website of box of MP3 number dish to search engine to optimize case to analyse

Afterwards net wins after connecting 10 days to do Ding Weihua to remove heavy equipment website to search engine to rank, share a net to win a client website to register website core key word to rank the case of before searching engine 3 from the domain name again today:

Haing Mi car carries website of business of digital dish box, domain name, register at 2008-05-16, the website ends at 2008-05-20 day construction and debut; The website was alled alone by GOOGLE search engine place is collected on May 21; Before car of box of dish of number of website core key word carried digital dish box to search engine to rank in GOOGLE on May 26 3! The car carried MP3 to also obtain corresponding rank.

The core nothing is more… than that search indexes the chemical industry that prop up actor makes at 3 o’clock:

1, how to let search engine to collect quickly?

2, how to let search engine capture more quickly webpage page and the page quality that promote a search engine capture?

3, place set key word wins good rank seat in searching engine.

The result that final search engine optimizes is to obtain the many potential client that we want to visit a quantity!

Of before how haing Mi car carries digital dish box to accomplish a website to register core key word to rank search engine from the domain name 3?

1, website construction initial stage needs to consider to search engine sale, undertake filtration to key word for instance, during layout of website content, channel is engineered key word organic in blending in a webpage, go;

2, use the website framework that can satisfy search engine to optimize and website system, haing Mi car carries website of digital dish box to use rich of sale website solution to grind the net wins a compose to build, the net wins a compose to build a website to optimize in search engine on satisfied: Page static state is changed (HTML) , personalized caption and page are described, file name is optimized, more important is the code that used WEB standard CSS+DIV, make website code more concise;

3, the website of high quality is exterior the link is politic, for new to website, the exterior link that has high quality is the most important, above all the website that these join can ensure you is collected quickly, next the opportunity before the exterior join of these high quality can make your website key word possible obtain a rank to take an examination of;

4, the editor to website content and arrange, website content is the soul, website content also is the product that offers a client and service the directest with important part, must strengthen so.

Haing Mi car carries website of major of product of digital dish box to be able to say is from above a few respects began the work, obtained good search engine to optimize the effect of the rank.