The caption of the keyword and webpage describe compose little skill

In our search engine optimizes the job in, very may much friend can encounter a such problems, a few keywords rank the website pretty good, but those who click a visit is not much, even the friend ever had been investigated, the visit amount before discovering occasionally the rank leans is smaller than relying on the hit after, volume of some websites visit is very high, but website advertising hit is very low, product sale website also encounters this kind jointly with appearance, tall visit is measured, low seek advice, low clinch a deal the problem of the quantity.

Oneself study the flow that studies how the website acquires real high quality all the time, right side enterprise obtains order from the net, basis before oneself experience, the research of referenced and numerous netizen is successful, discovering webpage caption and webpage description is to attract an user to click your website, it is the immediate cause that attracts the potential client of the product to click you. For instance, we search a keyword in searching engine, when examining a result, it is the caption in seeing a result normally, and the character below caption describes content, carry a so simple subliminal operation, choose search result, click the website that thinks to seek target correspondence with oneself oneself, accordingly, here shares skill of caption of keyword of a few websites and webpage description compose, visit the value of the quantity to rise, namely the user is changed rate, special proposal: The caption with the keyword the most appropriate compose that involves for each product or service institute and webpage are described.

1, caption describes compose fundamental:

A. Accurate and normative, the theme makes clear; brachylogy chastening, ; of concise and comprehensive had better be done inside 20 words calm

B. Highlight the dependency with the keyword, if be used directly,keyword; is included to highlight actual effect sex in caption, if sales promotion is hit,fold, the; such as holiday activity

C. The advantage that emphasizes offers product or service, uniqueness, major.

2, caption optimizes a principle:

A. Common saying says, inscribe good article half, inscribe tall Wen Zeshen. The person that reads headline is 5 times what read text, caption is just like commodity price tag, want to greet sb to consumer with caption, hold the view of consumer with this.

B. Every caption should take a product to give potential buyer oneself the consent of the interest. This kind of acceptance benefits consumer apparently.

C. The advantage of product or service and characteristic are highlighted in caption, well-known trademark should appear in caption, be like Nuojiya 6500S

D. Notice to add new information in caption from beginning to end, contain the ad headline of information, often meet many person of 22% remember it.

E. Avoid to use privative in caption, use complete company name, join name of connection means, irrelevant person to wait for mixed and disorderly information. Avoid to use the word does not have real blind title.

F. The keyword must include in caption:

G. Key word appears in different place, have distinct effect, appeal ranks as follows:

Caption + webpage description>Caption>Webpage description>Do not appear key word

If key word is contained in your website caption, so the effect is better than key word is being contained in webpage description only, of course the effect is best is website caption and webpage key word is contained in the description.

Caption optimizes citing:

Before revising: Major of instrument and meter plant of Tianjin China water offers flowmeter

After revising: Hua Shuiyi expresses flowmeter of high accuracy of expert produce and sale

Note: The caption after revising, enlarged information content, reflected company actual strength, what to the service of the company limits also explains is very clear.

Before revising: The number that surpass a gram: CNC video appearance. Microscopical measure software. Industry is microscopical, 13601111231

After revising: Contest overcomes microscope of digital research and development, sale

Note: The caption after revising, go besides mixed and disorderly information, the keyword was highlighted in caption.

Caption: SOHO of investment Beijing office building still, earn firmly not compensate!

Note: This caption stressed advantage and commitment, belong to superior title.

Caption: Buy the computer that wear Er to enjoy cash privilege

Note: Favourable news was highlighted in this caption, suffer an user to pay close attention to fully.