The caption of SEO optimizes what should notice at 5 o’clock

The everybody that has learned SEO knows, in the page that searchs in the user, label and caption are among them two the mainest factors, also be the SEO element with effect the longest duration at the same time. Of course you also should solve a few main website structure problems, ensure Spider can visit a page conveniently.

Actually, your website optimizes certain level is: Without tricky skill, without the content of flowery, also not was time expenses on petty technical minor details, have the solution of commonsensible sex only. Next mask body with respect to the page optimize a method to talk:

The group that can click text is in the list that we know to HTML page headline is searching engine. The in ranking algorithm effect that it props up in search index is very main (allegedly) , actually it also is optimized in the website also is very important in the process.

Everybody is in optimized process, follow the following principles as far as possible:

1. as far as possible brief. What convey to allow information is concise and clear, you should the article that this one part becomes some of key word, did not forget this is limitation of number having a word.

2. contains key word. Since in ranking algorithm, page headline is a main factor, must contain key word accordingly! Since space of put to good use is limited, everybody had better not key word of load one’s writing with fancy phrases, bad also to searching engine.

3. includes the name of the website. This should be common sense, everybody did not want to write one caboodle headline, let user not know what is said, more do not carry the website that remembers you.

4. writes distinctive headline for every page. You had faced very much competitor, do not let search a the outside and the inside the page headline because of yourself is similar and mutual competition.

5. does not repeat website navigation message. Repeat navigation information to suit partial website, case of old furniture body is particular analysis. Original title space is limited, and precious, you always won’t let navigation information take up, oneself consider.

With respect to so much, everybody is looked at optimize, oneself undertake according to the circumstance of the website. I know to a lot of people write this kind of caption to optimize, so ace not gush! (