The bride that allows Baidu spider to become you lets search engine to prefer your website

Core clew: How to let search engine to prefer your website, everybody gives novice friends below built at 9 o’clock meaning.

Arrive from beggar from what publish last after the article of network company director, small disturbance was caused inside course of study, a lot of sites are reprinted in succession, thank everybody to support mine, hope esteem starts everybody formerly nevertheless, make allowances for the author’s hardship, thank everybody.

From make SEO begin, already had half an year to now, many twist were experienced in the center, also written guarantee a few tiredder the experience of SEO respect, share to the friend that just contacted SEO here. Of course, ace need not look: Ace need not look::

How does main today introduction let search engine to prefer your website, everybody gives novice friends below built at 9 o’clock meaning:

1, choose a domain name. Do a website to begin from the plan, be about to consider the domain name of this website above all. Choose to be had inherently famous go qualitative domain name and in the future development are very advantageous.

For example: You make an illicit take a network, the domain name chooses [the keyword that Url] (should highlight you comes out in the expression in the domain name, this is inherent domain name optimize)

If you cannot find this to plant 4 abecedarian, perhaps be for only good write down, you can choose the domain name to be: [What Url] (uses website name is complete go all out will serve as a domain name, such search engine also like very much) especially to Baidu.

2, the website that make. Your website had better come with complete DIV+CSS, not be the word that is not use trends, the page is best of consummate static state, such benefit all alone at search engine is collected, and economic space, the webpage opens career fast. (It is very important that this is nodded) after making whole station with DIV+CSS when you, was equal to a website to undertake inherently optimizing.

3, choose a keyword. The article about introducing a keyword is very much, I say only the most important at 3 o’clock.

The first: Must not pile up the keyword perhaps conceals accumulation. This is undoubtedly in blind lane of ask for it, search engine now more and more human nature is changed, that bit of little ability that you do not think search engine does not know you play is measured. The every act that can say you is under their surveillance, especially Google. Make K so you are sooner or later thing.

The 2nd: The keyword does not depend on much, and depend on essence of life. I build choice keyword meaning 9 less than, advocate hit a keyword two with respect to OK, the discharge that a popular keyword brings to you is inestimable, want nab all, that is impossible.

The 3rd: Should not decide your website name dozen of keyword, remember this nods forever: You are the website that should let an user know you, is not the ability after the family knows your website goes searching you.

(The day before yesterday the stationmaster of net of photography of a children tells me, what his keyword makes is very good, what I ask he is made is which, he says rank of *** children photography is in the 2nd page, later confidence accomplishs it the first page goes. I ask him this keyword can bring how many discharge one day to you, he is not had language. Actually I want to say: It is OK that your website name serves as a keyword, but do not regard as advocate hit a keyword. Do not count on this keyword to be able to be brought to you how old discharge, if you can be made the most concise, do not take the keyword of any suffixal languages, that should be not talked additionally. And want the first to make home page. For instance: Jin Yun)

4, content is king. Searching engine love the new and loathe the old, if your website content is,go up in the network high reduplicative, so the rank is absolutely won’t good, collection website Baidu can close, but the meeting after collecting by slowly K is dropped, and the chance that very few meeting gives reform, even if later achieve an article newlier formerly every day, also of no help. But this is not meant can not collect, we can are aimed at collect the article that come to do a few change, replace content for instance, change caption to wait. Build meaning the blood with the website new infuse that gives oneself everyday, retain vigor, such spiders just are met often presence. (Support is all achieve formerly)

5, caption is not changed frequent. A not stable website, baidu won’t like, in the beginning of building a station, should have considered each detail of the website, once build, do not want to be changed easily.

6, theme and content not agree with. Website content and thematic photograph deviate from, the search won’t like naturally, have a commonly used method nevertheless, the name of online station is added in the Title of content page, this has certain effect to the rank of website homepage. Attention: The caption of every page must appear your core keyword and add thick, remind a spider this is serious content. Keyword density should maintain between 3%-8% , must not exceed, the accusation of the keyword can pile up on the back otherwise. (Some sites often to earn discharge, and use a few popular resource in great quantities, its content and website itself are not pulled on the least bit relation, get only finally by the end of K. The content of the webpage still basically is as relative as your website itself, be certain website type, search resource around the type. Search resource around the type..

7, do not use overmuch Flash. Flash and picture affirmation can give a website to grace many, but this is not user and demand of search engine place, website art designer is admittedly principal, but the factor that also should consider bilateral range, if a website crosses much use Flash to be able to affect the rate of the website greatly, if composing is undeserved, integral page still can appear desultorily. Website of a lot of enterprises can make a begin Flash now, actually this is most abstain from, because the spider is read,do not know Flash. Webpage Yue Xiaoyue is good, this is the hinge that we warn again and again.

8, friendship link. Present search engine takes a link seriously more and more, it can help you increase weight and raise world rank. A PR is worth catenary tall website, far many what the website that than you catenary is worth 10 times without PR is close friends. If your station is new site, you are OK at that time catenary the new station of a few as same as you kinds. Cost waiting for PR rose, can choose PR to be worth tall website to make a link. Remind a bit: Never with by K, by black, the site with not stable server makes a link, pornography, reactionary, force more washed-up. Sequential need not I say everybody knows.

9, the experience that fumbles with respect to my individual, search engine still takes a website seriously to explain quite.

This paragraph of content had better be added. Very much now stationmaster, especially forum kind do not love to add a specification. Say others is not added, I also need not be added. Then I think those who say is: Not blindly the model visits others, oneself realise demonstrative importance just is crucial.

Those who hope I put forward above the proposal can be novice friends at 9 o’clock a few helps.

A bit I that above content is him only is built, a little wrong place still hopes everybody excuses me.

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