The Baidu that institute of careless root center cares collects a few view of new station

A lot of new center complain Baidu collects rate issue to what stand newly now, although I also am new center, my website has not been collected by Baidu temporarily, but a few view that I still want to publish me to collect to Baidu:

1, Baidu collects speed rein in to what stand newly really now footstep, the purpose increases the strength of examine and verify of pair of new stations namely, prevent a few hang Ma Huo rubbish to stand to be collected by its, create pure vacuum for Internet, but the brand image that I feel Baidu is to establish his more.

2, how does ability let Baidu collect his new station? My individual feels, be aimed at Baidu although,optimize effective, but not be essential! A new station, want to have the content that already achieved formerly oneself, if your site is completely,be the content that duplicates from Internet, also did not use more again, be regarded as rubbish station processing very likely still by Baidu.

3, become basic friendship link. Looking for a few PR to be worth a bit taller website to do friendship to link is very crucial, because Baidu spider is met often presence of those websites, if you became a link, the spider climbs your site very likely through the link.

4, stick to Baidu, Baidu knows to send a few cards more, because those area Baidu think,be very friendly. Take oneself link incidentally, also can accelerate Baidu collect speed.

5, the rich guest that founds oneself. You are OK found in space of sina, Sohu, Baidu from already rich guest, those big websites have a spider to had climbed everyday, more important is the content that often should update his, often had better send a few articles that achieve high-quality goods formerly, take oneself link again, the hit went up, your website leaves collect not far.