The Baidu of Baidu of Gu Ge PK piece

1, Baidu can lend Google a few discharge

Everybody is like mythological, Lei Feng, Zhu Ziqing, Liu Yifei, Li Yu spring in the search in Google. . . Perhaps input a keyword casually, there often is the link of Baidu in the first page, a lot of words can say to count the discharge of W! Look Baidu just is most the Seoer of Nb

2, Baidu more know Chinese stationmaster, although discharge is small, gather a crowd pick is great

Baidu can value the Chinese’s idea more, the center that for instance he opens is allied, countless stationmaster put their search on the website, baidu spends money little, flow is large still, the flow such as the Sina Tom China Soso that these greatly small small head of a station add up unlike a few Google place is bought is little, baidu more the state of mind that knows Chinese stationmaster.

3, Baidu interface is more good-looking than Google

Feel Baidu compares brachylogy always on the vision, those who do is easy, compare Google to be able to highlight Logo more, let a person remember, and Google enters total feeling is not very atmosphere, the individual thinks.

4, warn – the computer that visits this website to may damage you!

Be opposite at this o’clock for broad searcher, the feeling on the face can prevent some of virus, but what actually everybody looks with your search is information, a lot of website searchs the a gang occurrence warning – the computer that visits this website to may damage you! Let everybody won’t be in so enter relevant website, at least Google should be added click entered pushbutton, in network times, everybody gets online who did not install the software that reduce toxin, google does not want ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous

5, the contrast that the search updates

The rate that often discovers Baidu is updated is very rapid, such a little good with respect to classics regular meeting website webpages come out, those who update is fast, those who collect is fast also, shift to an earlier date than Google speed, fresh webpage is shown before everybody.

These are my parts only the idea to Baidu Pr Google. Available talking about Google piece. Reprint ask give chapter and verse for: /