The Baidu after September collects new station to go regulation and corresponding method

Collect new station problem about Baidu, can saying is platitude. All sorts of sound are incessant Yu Er, of all kinds article often also sees, why a lot of people always ask: however?  cuts? of  of Jia Yi of chapter of emperor of window Yu alkyne into parts why Baidu was collected inside the page does not collect home page. Of course, this and the level of a few novices have particular concern. But with also have very big concern to the change of policy of new station examine and verify with near future Baidu.

We are being analysed today new station closes after September collect go regulation and corresponding method, use so only go regular this word, I think authority is clear also. Also say to face these regulation at the same time the method that what we have to answer.

The regulation that Baidu place issues always feels arris both will do, still have a main artificial factor additionally.

Say not to collect the reason of the website below, and the means of settlement with relevant section, made below any, can cause an effect to collecting, consecution sex may not be so strong, but be experience talk.

A reason with very big to SEOER 1. may be to optimize excessive. Come from prime increase say, baidu and SEOER are adverse impact. If earthly person is met SEO, who still can buy contest price to rank then? And what Baidu emphasizes is user experience, if your search comes out,the page of an advanced face is the page that piles key word composition. Time grew, who can still continue to use this search engine? So excessive optimize surely K.

Never rise to the front of half an year about, what after the website that Baidu is designed to passing SEO painstakingly or says to be made to go for SEO increased month of 8-9 of strength of examine and verify, also show is more careful. And this and the closest harmonious important matter, and Shiqida(sees phoneticize) hold relative also.

So, what correspondence method do we have? Corresponding is this method: ? EO of Mo of lament of  of discharge of  of Ran of grey  of  of Lu of hill  old board! The key word in caption repeats do not exceed twice; The key word in the description repeats do not exceed 3 times; Should not pile up more; The key word of home page makes nature arrange as far as possible, not sedulous caboodle is in those a few important places; Density controls the key word of home page to be controlled in 3%-4% as far as possible.

Once helped a friend had optimized of forum of a game the skill to show oneself, stand newly to had not gone up line at the beginning of optimize in great quantities into know clearly, collect as a result the following day, the result makes me very glad, it is directly below net square website, baidu the 2nd, discharge even in sina, before the big station such as TOM. However, spent time one day only, the rank fell the 10th page went up, was forced to amend former some to optimize a trace apparently, keep newer next. The newer rank that passes a month is already stable went up in the first page.

Should ask: with respect to somebody so? Are a lot of ace of? of green of Fu of  of vomit of Wen of Jian of joyous Mi of Bu of brandish old board to stand newly to be collected have good rank? Is my answer: ? Ju of foot of rate of  of Guo of serve of Nai of magpie of behead of salt of strong and pervasive fragrance of banner of Ling of  of  of Pa of  of to bang of fraud of grey  of alkyne of  of uglying Zhang Ji of  of blown away by wind of live abroad of neon of Jian of  of heart flatter quarrel chooses agent of chapter of joint of bones of  of 5 pliable but strong to teach  of Xi of an ancient type of banner hoisted on a featherdecked mast chapter home  of  of Yin weighing Xian, undertake optimizing to your station, make SEO most those who abstain from is impatient gas dry, too impatient, stable and long + insisting to update ability is kingcraft!

2. group hair link, the line on new station begins group of hair to dare not say is court death, but the risk is very big.

What any engine abhor is Spam cogged, link group of hair. Wait for malign and cogged method – remember this. The line on new station, a lot of people like to take out a tool. Group send a day to leave a message this. Or group guest of the rich that send a drop, is think of a way very simple: ? Does windowing Xiao of ┲ of unoccupied place ㄖ of  of cherry of lip of be angry of cook a meal of drag ⒄ pay bilk mulberry of Jie Huanjiao brume to fear grey  Xing Huanjiao does Chou bar industry of Chi of  pure boil in a covered pot over a slow fire bears is  of  chaste tree spruce art Se of temple of agent of chapter of static tan1huan4 fade?

Can I say: of this kind of method only? The risk that   defends Hu of smelt metal of  of  of ィ of horsefly of  of  imperial order is too high. Search engine is already right leave a message this what attributive falls is very low. And if some stands outside even 80% come from leave a message this, and he still continues group of hair go down, that leaves him by K not far also. This is actual it is an engine the problem to website degree of belief.

So likely should somebody ask: ? How does? of Yi of deep and remote Mu Na of Qian of cheek of N of locust bold ⅰ putting in order let a spider come over? Is my answer: ?

: of the first kind of method? R of axil catfish Xiao is worth the station that often perhaps updates, let him add a friendship link to you. I also assure to be in 3 to 5 days inside fixed collect. Of course or you do not have a few friends really, or the friend is not willing to carry new station to you. This also is indifferent to. Oneself start work.

: of the 2nd kind of method? Dumpling ㄖ skip kowtows be able to bear or endure  saves ┛ of タ  haze to stop  to heat up?DONEWS, celestial pole, TOM, wait for source of a few news kind website. This kind of method is linked than looking for a person to add friendship not at all slow. Of course premise is you after guest opening win. Want to write the article of a quality having a place, had better be to be achieved formerly, your link on you is added inside the article. If your flexible language is written good be added those who carried and so on on the head to be elite to perhaps originally by the website, that is stronger, can have above all reprint, the link that compares general small website next is in charge of again used a lot of.

This follows below a few achieves a gender to have a bit formerly relationships that should want to say.

: of the 3rd kind of method?  of Fa of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct risks Yu magpie to seek  ? to stick with know. A lot of people knew this kind of method, but emphasize a bit, must reasonable. Or hair became much follow group of hair same. Baidu is not willing to be become to others Xiaobai. Stick cannot send a link now. If want to use,know, must reply to handling medium solution. As to why, want to know with brain.

So can somebody ask: ? Is rank of solemn? of ⒌ of bold of bud of cowardly of joyous border of establish of Ling of equipment of Du Qin to shirk very good? Is my answer: ?

Group send this kind of means most the domain of be current is illicit take with outside hang, 6 close, and of tool of a few promotion optimize. Group the quantitative problem of hair is most rambunctious. I have a client to make illicit of be handed down from ancient times take namely, his station is not discharged all the time so go up. The issue that he should make everyday searchs namely leave a message to be mixed originally rich guest. Taught him a few methods later, make interior optimize more, stop group of hair. And maintain as far as possible change link of a friendship everyday. Had improvement slowly, so a station of group of hair arrives now K. Remained this one. Group hair be in short-term the effect inside may be course of study inside accepted, the effect is apparent, but this as good as puts a time bomb at going up to him body. And group of hair spending is very difficult go pilot (repeat) . And calculating you is to use the methodological platoon of group of hair to take the first page. Or before 3. Can that affirm certain: ? Does Pa  unoccupied place ú change son  discuss?

Emphasize again finally. Especially now this period: ? Bold of Hong of grey  of Bu of brandish old board?

3. whole website is to collect completely those who come over, without achieve content formerly. Search engine to tall repeatability article very accurate. Repeat in great quantities especially. I think this most person knows. Is those who a logion says: ? Does Bi brag does Chun Xia rancor?

Collect this function to exist to have his reason, a lot of people get website art design not anxious, program not anxious, space not anxious, most of anxious is to do not have content, so, cannot be we used was collected? Perhaps collect can be you collected with respect to scarcely? The answer is negative. But the: that there is a bit is affirmation? > of flesh of chapter of makeup emperor of Wan of fir  locust removes the top margin of a page of Jie of stew of miserable  of play of  of R of Kang chapter flesh answer lofty; Yang Yao chapter of bed of Tong Bao courtyard merchant? of Huan Su of  of vomit of Sou of Strontium of  Zhen saddle to raise a literary works collect and update. I built a CMS below other catalog, collected N majority to occupy from relevant game forum directly. The result went 35 days. Anyway is not collected namely, but show in IIS log, the spider falls 100 times everyday, but do not collect namely. Quite depressed. This ability knows collection bad place.

Do not have method, accelerate newer rate, add the former content that achieve a gender. Next, look for a friend to help make a link on the station of a few little famous energy of life, sent a few flexible language. Be in the 10th day eventually when collected a few, in dozenth day when basic all pages were collected. Everybody can look / Chuanqishijiesifu basically can update a few articles 9 days now, collect good.

That is to say, where is the data that how we answer not to collect a large number of collection to come to Baidu and webpage? The first, after be being collected, the original implied meaning achieving a gender that increases an amount by hand, why to add quote. Because be achieved formerly bad to write. Religion a simple small way uses everybody to cheat a spider, go finding the article of relevant type. . . . caption give up. Throw into confusion the paragraph format inside. If you have fun at, can oneself write a paragraph inside. such. One achieved an article to arise formerly. Next, the literary works that makes you former achieve appears on home page more a few.

The 2nd, the field is joined outside. Seek a few bit nicer links more. Do not get group of hair. . . .

The 3rd, hold to. Holding to is a kind of virtue that makes SEO

4. is done not have outside connect or few, cannot guide a spider to come over.

Will retrieve your website about how guiding a spider, the 2nd inside have the introduction, say more a few. Link of rich guest, website, Baidu knows, flexible language. . . . . . Here cites recent rubbish station case: If each are big,engine did not return data, that should be trashy pass.

8. is avowed and hapless, the IP of fictitious lead plane that you use by screen, or your station suffers embroil server IP seldom is appeared by the circumstance of screen. The speech that gets embroil is more. Have say caboodle of many rubbish station is in of a server, also have those who say with a large number of rubbish the station exchanged a link. I had not encountered this kind of situation, do not make an explanation more.

During 9. Baidu is updated, your website cannot be visited.

The time that Baidu spider begins to collect data is the most frequent should be in the evening arrived at 12 o’clock in the morning at 6 o’clock. Newer time arrived at 8 o’clock in the morning commonly at 9 o’clock. This is why a lot of people often ask. In old early in the morning when the website has a rank. Arrived to rank the reason that did not have afternoon. Must ensure in this time paragraph inside your website can be visited, otherwise spider capture is less than data is very dangerous D. Twice the likelihood won’t cause rank effect. But much very it’s hard to say. I still feel the space of 10 thousand nets has been compared here. Stable. Valuable feature is bit more expensive. But stable. Ah

Basic with respect to so much. Have other case again, be very scarce.

Besides a bit. Make SEO, make a website. Expensive holding to.

Although cannot say to insist after all to affirm a victory, but, cite: of a word? Hurry of lineal descent well does fade of Yan of О of neon of Shan of the She nationality owe a card?

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