The artful index that use search props up advanced search to inquire the website is newest collect

The website of little younger brother is in the beginning of the year, depilate by Baidu, collect day to decrease gradually, distressed unceasingly. It is the reason that stands because of literature probably, was fallen by Baidu weight? These unknown. Waited fast a year, baidu still is swallowed slowly those who swallow is basic do not give restore. The closest be seized by a whim, the IP that though do not rely on Baidu website,also has ten, but still be not reconciled to, why can some literary stations have so much collect? Must change next present conditions afresh again, below the attempt whether let Baidu restore to collect.

But revise afresh after optimizing, baidu a week just is updated, those who revise have the effect? Is Baidu collected afresh after all? These come too slow to me.

On the net search collects money today makings, in the advanced search that sees Baidu inadvertently (/ Gaoji/advanced.html) , have a such option: The time of the webpage that time limit should search is. Among them but option is: The full time, closest the one the day, closest a week, closest in January, recently a year.

Then I was trying to choose recently a day, in include the Site inside the following and all keyword. Returned page is Baidu is opposite one day recently of the website collect a circumstance! And be in result page most lower part has tag: What you choose now is in time paragraph inside undertake searching, click here to examine all search result.

Nevertheless the result makes a person disappointed, revise optimizing is failure afresh, baidu was not collecting the other page besides my home page before today.

To stationmaster, this is an inquiry recently a day or a shortcut that a week collects a circumstance. Stationmaster people need not await a week again, ability sees collect a circumstance newly.

In the advanced search in Google (/ Tools/advanced.php

The advanced search of search dog: / Advanced/advanced.html

Each stationmaster that cares him website to collect a circumstance mights as well try.

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