The angle of the person that the station is used in the search is right the integration analysis of key word

In the process that in the search engine optimizes, we develop the work with the keyword for the center, so, the keyword is the core that search engine optimizes. We know, suitable key word, can bring more discharge. Regretful is, a lot of sites perhaps did not consider keyword strategy at all in the beginning of design, or although realize the value of the keyword, but when choosing a keyword, stand in site and the point of view that devise personnel to choose completely.

These two kinds of ways cannot be taken, contrary, we should stand in the angle of the user to choose key word, because the site is final,visit for the user, the design personnel of site of and rather than. And the purpose of the article, set out from the angle of the user namely, how does when they are searching the information such as product, service, the analysis use key word.

One, search a keyword

The first pace is the product according to us and service, find out as far as possible to it relevant term and phrase. The method of a kind of effective introduces below.

1, the key word from mouth edge begins

To your product or service, you always can truly thinking ground speaks a few keywords to come, write down them please. It where write down is not important to where write down, can write to paper, in also can counting word processing software, wait like notebook or Word. these key word settle on a few minutes, emerge with respect to the likelihood relevant term comes to an other in brain, very good, write down them completely. Continue to think, want what to term you still can add? Perhaps still what synonym is waited a moment.

If you discover keyword watch becomes longer and longer, that also need not worry, these are mine pink only, our pan works to just just begin!

2, material discovers in the visit log of the site

You still can examine the visit daily record of the site, here can find a lot of key word, the person that visit uses these keywords namely, through searching a page

Corresponding link arrives at your site. The key word that finds here please also is written down. Those who need an attention is, not all site visits a log to contain these information, but irrespective, another kind of program still can introduce at the back of the article, use it to be able to get these golden mine likewise.

3, the key word of pry competitor

Is the key word that wants to examine a competitor not difficult: ? Children’s hair of Lang of  of a footpath between fields writes value of ignoranting  allow to be able to bear or endure bed of a pavilion or house on a terrace of Da of セ of  constant  says benefit of ィ  ≡ the key word that at the back of farsighted? of second collect  is this site. Of course,

The problem is, the site that should examine only is enough much, you did not think of the fish that meets on a few slip through the net probably but very valuable keyword.

4, with staff learn from sb else’s experience

Chat with the colleague more, see the key word that has had over there them. If your site buys notebook computer, can you ask about the friend: all round? Qin of happy event of  of  of チ of joke tending or guard a gate seductivelies dressed or made up only then go an ancient nationality in China of rostellum of charm of lens let down with a rope is able to bear or endure  joint of bones protects  to be stupefied border cowardly fawn on cuts world of ┕ Piao  ? of this castrate of spay. Whether did the key word that sees them use next already include to be in your keyword watch, if if have,did not put on; , also can make basis of a judgement for the job below you.

5, keyword of get to the bottom of is expressed

Above collection key word is put, and microscope a few, strive for find more keyword. This one pace basically is to found a piece of watch, offer from the back

The keyword tool that will introduce uses. So, too much time need not be spent on the vocabulary of patulous watch.

6, wrongly written or mispronounced characters

Want to notice, here wrongly written or mispronounced characters also is baby. See list, think the wrongly written or mispronounced characters of the keyword in list. These wrongly written or mispronounced characters but cannot small look, in 10 discharge that search index props up every to bring, 1 is bring to 2 misprint that are a keyword or place of written or mispronounced character, sometimes more even. Since the mistake spells,brought discharge cannot be despised, so you may plan to build a page, does this billabong measure special offer amnesty and enlistment to rebels? Yes, a lot of website course of study already built you is the page that looking for and so on, this page basically is the spelling form with clew proper user and the link related this station. Perhaps be in page

7, synonym and close justice word

The synonym of key word and close justice word also cannot be let off absolutely. If your site sells notebook computer, do you have consideration and notebook computer relevant synonymous or close justice word? If carry computer, portable computer and genu,go up model computer is waited a moment. Actually, when a lot of people are searching notebook computer, direct use jotter and portable, and do not add computer one word. All these, we ought to consider. So, these vocabularies also ought to if our keyword.