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At present the competition of Chinese classification website can say to had arrived white-hot change Cheng. Buccal Pi mesh comes round to say or be in guide first position, of course I do not approve the gain case that considers these websites today. We see a few SEO of city of one similarly hereinafter today.

Be in early actually a long time ago I noticed to be the same as a city, a few SEO that hope we pass these big websites of course can be helped to ours, we read the headline of city of one similarly hereinafter today first. We know Baidu is very tall to the weight of caption. Can say to be the same as a city to had applied this first-rate. We go one similarly hereinafter of SITE city, can see, each his caption won’t exceed 3 keywords, general have a key word only, improved the quality of the website greatly so. I saw basically each his classification uses a key word only, if pursue:

Actually sometimes ourselves give in such mistake, include me inside, make a headline full, whole caption column does not show your caption, here the individual rich settle or live in a strange place that I want to say myself designedly, actually eye comes round to say me the discharge of this rich guest is not very big, have hundreds of IP only everyday, but quality is very high, have a bit because of me myself lazy, basically be in only the website that defends a client, how oneself website didn’t manage, of course the website that I also have a few to accept business. Part with individual rich guest, I also do not need to come here to popularize. Basic a website, want us to choose pair of key word only, even if Baidu collects you only one page, you everyday discharge is OK also on 10 thousand. This a lot of people had been accomplished. Before me paragraph time also did caption of a website to install 3 key word, baidu also collected one page only but the IP that comes everyday has thousands of. This makes the kill of SEO namely. Do SEO to want much analysis namely actually. Going learning these big stations is how to be done optimize. good we continue to analyse with the city, the 2nd it is how we choose key word, this is very important. I visit the two stature stations of city of one similarly hereinafter to everybody first.

/ Jianli/

/ Zongjie/

/ Zhidao/

This 3 stature stations just also are the same as the one fraction in the city of course child station. The flow that I consider to be the same as a city at present 40 % is to come from here, of course this analysis that is my individual, do because of them these child station a few somes of popular key word, you go in the rank that visits each stature station is OK, take resume this for, bring tens of thousands of IP to him at least everyday. Still have working summary, ah, these rubbish stand, with them classified information also is built with 10 all one’s life not the website above, of course they also need flow, all they also should make rubbish station, who calls them to have money without buccal Pi, do not have money to burn, rely on these coming that bring discharge only. I come to what this job sums up a net analyse him designedly optimize.

You see each their caption have included " job to sum up " this person key word. Ah, I also said above, baidu is very important to the caption of the webpage, from here we can see, he also can be key word to pile collect so, want lot of course have skill. This is strategy of their a promotion only, optimize me to was not analysed as to the page of other, it is good to want you to be able to be used only caption is already special and pretty good.

good we see again, each search engine is right the link is valued very much. We see a picture first:

Ah, a few when turn over catenary to do not have when turn over catenary to exceed 4.4 million when I want to do not have which website to have so much. You see the classification of 58 other carefully, the branch that still has other city stands, link do full, can say 58 it is factory of a link, I want to be in stationmaster net, want to have a bit older center only, have 80 % above be added to cross friendship of good friend requirement by the client of 58, I had been added twice by the person of 58, nevertheless I think 58 without professional heart. Why so say, because of us a few way station grow catenary the link of their website they do not give two weeks to be met issued your link, because their place puts 20 links only, if he has 100 cent to stand,then he has 2000 link at least, of course, still have the link that he issued, the center chain that I consider so much their, I tell me all friends want only from the back is the person of 58 does not agree to do friendship with them, because want to assign station weight than them only tall they dare not fall, of other basically can fall. All saying that the link also is very important, if you have time,you go every day and others friendship. Ah, money had better buy the friendship of a few high quality.

Went, I of other was not analysed, special what I analyse today is right you are helped somewhat.

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