The acute point of view with SES new plenary session: A few paces does image search optimize to go?

Holy He Sai searchs engine strategy (SES) on congress, one of main trends that show are: It is more and more important that image searchs this one part. This article will talk to concerned: Why can the value that image searchs increase gradually, and how to increase gradually. How to and can be discussed undertake optimizing to your website on one hand with respect to this.

Explain above all with a few data why the importance that image searchs grows day and day:

1.The CEO Jim Lanzone of says, the search that they offer on Ask3D has 50% in the result is not traditional network search.

2.The conference is searched to go up in image, shari Thurow of the person that attend the meeting says, 15% is search to the network of 16% is aimed at image. This one word is very breathtaking!

3.Shari Thurow still was offerred below data. Usability test shows, compare text link, the user prefers to click image. The search engine that has experience optimizes experts to be able to know what this means. Because you are offerred text is linked and lost more clicking opportunity. But you are OK support through linking a pretty picture buy, and the style of text of make it of current bill of fare page foot, remedy this one flaw easy to doly.

4.In light of the site that monitors from me, GOOGLE image search has become a stable ground, more important person that consult. In the person that consult, regular before the ground is ranked 5. Even if is the site that is not a center with image, the circumstance also is such.

One of the mainest factors that create afore-mentioned item are: Extensive / jointly / the occurrence of mixture search result. Go to image conformity in network search result, it is the wholer method that promotes an user to receive opportunity of usable image data considerably. Besides, more and more people know gradually, image search has become how rich and colorful. People can obtain high quality to search a result gradually. So, to more and more searcher, when having need, undertake image searchs the response that has made nature.

Image search is optimized

We had known image search represents a significant opportunity now, can discuss the other issue that image searchs now, the main essential factor that and image searchs enumerate optimizes.

Very apparent, the first measure is, should painted image whether should, and can be in how old on degree, with you the user experience of the site closes suitably. This one measure is not not matter. Next, should decide how to be gotten and the site that is you from where is obtained achieve image formerly. Image search engine and network search engine are same, do not like duplicate content, accordingly you need to obtain you oneself achieve image formerly. Once you solved this problem, had made preparation. A few measure can use below undertake image searchs engine to optimize:

1.Key word is used in Alt label attribute. This is very crucial step, this is the best chance that you give your image to stick clear label. Want to know, the following model of written characters can have extremely many search content: Photo, photograph, image, photograph, film or place. Speak of a place, if your picture describes physical position, want to include information of a few positions in Alt label attribute.

2.Attention: Look up (name) label attribute normally by oversight. Not be above it the time that wastes you.

3.Choose can of aggrandizement key word, the file name of rich logic, . Hyphen is used in file name, can become every word in key word so divisional. This can be a good idea. But do not exceed 2 hyphen. Do not break up with what underline becomes a word.

4.Use the file name of sex of a description, the style with continue to use and Alt label same property.

5.Patulous to the file name also wants to notice. For instance, if image searchs engine,see. Jpg file is patulous renown, it assumes the file is a piece of photo.

6.Basic webpage optimizes a technology to also want to try to apply. For instance:

Of A, webpage look up (name) label

The text near B, image

The integral theme of content of C, whole page

D, whole site or site the integral theme of some part

7. Still having an important thing is, establish a link to the page that contains image. The link can be the discussion that undertakes about image. Also can use a simple method, stick the page that contains image on

8, avoid duplicate on the site content. E.g. , you have the picture of size of a big toe, the image of dimension and an image of original measure wait in. You won’t hope these image are indexed. The best way that handles this issue is, the version that uses Robots.txt to prevent searcher to see you do not want to be indexed (very possible the image that this meeting is big toe dimension or original measure) .

Still have in discuss a few otherer very interesting problem float comes out now. The question that Liana Evans of the person that attend the meeting raises is, the fame management that image searchs and the fame management that the network searchs have how old difference. You should know, your individual, the photograph of your brand and your company appears where. Your should active job, the picture that ensures search result is normally medium piece now and the prospect photograph that you try to create suit.

Besides, image theft is a real problem, and stop very hard. A thing that you can do is text version is put in image, if photo provides picture by who,offer by who. Although this is planted,measure can not prevent image theft completely. But before the person that steal at least is using it, need becomes editor of a few image.

In a word, image search can bring very strong result for your business affairs. Of course, you need to decide: Gotten flow whether related to the site, and, whether can these caller be final on the site the action that produces your place hope. There is this issue in brains, turn one’s head each measure, look how to do image search to optimize, made as can politic as your integral website photograph suits.