The actual content of the website is to optimize main factor

Understanding searchs engine to optimize

Search engine is optimized (English is called Search Engine Optimization, abbreviation is SEO) it is to show through optimizing website structure, webpage code is mixed content, make a website friendly to engine of full text search, the spider program that helps full text search engine thereby finds the webpage that contains best content, raise a website to be ranked in the nature in searching a result thereby.

Those who be worth to point out is, the search engine that in searching engine to optimize a service, is aimed at is confined to the full text that is a foundation with spider program to search engine

Engine of this kind of search just is true search engine, they pass complex algorithm to return the most relevant natural search the user as a result. After the client optimizes a service to reach ideal rank in searching a result through searching engine, engine of full text search won’t collect fees to searching a result, namely the client does not need to pay additional fee to click, the fee that client place should pay is the search that gives network sale the company engine optimizes a service to expend. And press in searching a result click collect fees (the price is contest that home weighs is ranked) collect fees search engine (Pay Per Click Search Engine) is not the object that search engine optimizes a service, this kind collects fees the rank position in searching engine to use contest price pattern to raise a website to search a result in keyword of concerned contest price, money is the only factor that decides a rank, their search is a kind of key word advertisement that appears in searching a result essentially as a result, advertisement taproot occupies an user click will pay fee, every clicked price is decided by rank position, the rank is higher, advertisement advocate the cash that pays to pay cost to search engine is taller also. Because pay cost to collect fees,the search that searchs engine is not as a result by relevant the nature that spends algorithmic computation to come out searchs a result, returning an user is not the most relevant search result, that is to say, searching a result is not by the content of the website quality and degree will decide, search a result by what money will decide however.

The visit flow that gets through searching engine to optimize a service is free

In a steady stream wins new client ceaselessly and can not need to pay additional fee to click thereby, this is one kind regards the search that long-term goal will come to undertake as engine sale means, but the time that should reach ideal rank is longer, it is commonly 2 to 12 months; The profit that uses contest price rank is can get flow immediately, but should click for every will pay fee, the rank is higher, the price is more expensive, if be being done for a long time, fee will be very big, can be one kind regards the search that short-term goal will come to undertake as engine sale means only so. We suggest the user chooses to search engine sale means according to the actual condition of the website, if be new website, the proposal chooses to search at the same time engine is optimized and contest price rank makes search engine sale; If the website already had constant flow, can choose to search engine to optimize the discharge that will raise a website only, in order to achieve first-class investment return rate.
2, basic search engine optimizes strategy

Why some websites can be ranked on search engine very good, and is some found repeatedly however cannot be found? Does this secret where? No less than searchs the guidelines place on engine freely to say, have 5 factors you are must of embalm:

1, the content of your website and theme.
2, paginal key word is counted.
3, the position that key word sets.
4, click a quantity.
5, link amount.
6, search engine optimizes strategy: Website content

The actual content of the website is a when your network optimizes strategy main factor.

Before if you think your website can be being searched,the platoon in the result must lean, there must be actual content in your website. The spider that searchs engine basically is an a blind person. They can undertake judging the quality of your website to your webpage content only, and cannot judge from animation of picture, Flash. There is enough content to have index to search engine in all pages is the basic need that engine of a successful search optimizes strategy. Understand very easily, why the website of content of an it doesn’t matter goes on very difficult platoon. When people is searching information, always hope to find a website that includes a lot of important information. Very natural, the website with webpage rich content wants to return so rich website rank to be close friends more than those webpage content. Every station that has optimizing for their website advocate remember well. Do not forget the website that updates you. The person that no matter be a search,engine still is visited hopes to see newer information. What meaning is this? This asks you want to gather much information, dedicated the change at this domain.

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