The action that Title label ranks to raising a website

The A writing a law of Title:

Title label has very main effect to raising the rank of your website. Nevertheless, a lot of people construct to how an appropriate Title still is not very clear. It is my a bit view to Title below, welcome everybody to table a proposal, criticism.

1, the 7-9 before Title the word is the most important.

But the foremost side that a lot of people put the name of their company in Titile, this is how wasteful. The child that this is like to want you does not take textbook to go to school same.

2, the 2nd it is syntactic

I notice Google prefers those Title that accord with syntactic structure, in searching a result, suffer the effect of Title. Had better be the Title that avoids to list type.
Be like: Small decorations, small decorations of blue, small decorations of green

3, if you have certain knowledge to Title, you should know, title will affect the rank result that searchs engine.

You should notice he should be organized significantly.

Be like: Search appropriate small decorations and so on here.

4, bureau sow strategy:

If you have two key word that contained you partly in Title, so you also should join key word to serve as the 3rd part in main body of a court verdict. If you have many pages, you are OK mix up and match these strategy.

For example: Hard optimize:
Widget Keyword Phrase Can Be Found At Widget Mania

Soft optimize:
Keyword Is The Place For Widget Mania Keyword Phrase

Title is not the final factor that decides your website is ranked, but an appropriate Title can make your website obtains different rank.


1, above all, I feel to be put in 7-9 in Title the word grows too a bit really.

The word with the adjacent key word of the input when I prefer to search inquiry with searcher makes Title. Study through a lot of observation, my summary goes out, 3-4 the word is best.

2, Google likes the likelihood those Title that accord with grammar

But people prefers those and them to search what the habit agrees to write a law. Be like: They won’t input a sock when search, white, big however old hose of white.

3, the final factor that although Title is not a decision,the website ranks, but the start that it is a rank.

Title should indicate the content that gives a page. Do not put redundant thing in Title. The head, Meta, the first paragraph content should contain the key word that you depict is not other the thing that have nothing to do. This is key of so called side.

Additional: Besides in the first paragraph outside, the other place in the page also should underline your key word as far as possible.


I agree with the view of B quite, short and the Title of essence of life more benefit at the rank.

If you are optimized the word that key word is 2 words, should not describe it so with 3 words.


Yes, I also am to feel shorter to had been jumped over, nevertheless I think a Title and connection of photograph of your page content rise is a kind of simpler way.

You should consider the link character of exterior link euqally. Also should consult the key word that why your competitor has so much can obtain better rank. Go organizing a longer key word that spreads out around your key word next. Be like: Gules old ornaments and gules decorations, the opportunity that when such people are searching gules old ornaments, organic meeting finds your website and latter appears criterion very little.

E: The likelihood writes a law to be able to think you obtain more discharge according to the Title of above, but why to do a page not additionally to optimize this key word?

G: Why to build a page to optimize specific key word?

Actually, such I doing. It is at least to 2-3 all in all key word, whether does key word of need understanding certain happen when me when changing, I can build a special page to have a test to its.

The 2-3 in a page the flow that key word wants to obtain is finite, key word of a lot of periphery can bring you the discharge that expect is less than, these key word return the likelihood not to need alone page to undertake optimizing to its. May, maintain very hard in some sites add a page all the time. If you add a page the word of the discharge to increase a website, such not only the potential user that cannot get you, meet instead provoking be fed up with. I think the sort of practice that establishs a large number of worthless pages to increase flow won’ts do.

Still can put in the problem that a PR flows so.

You need more PR, if you will be built deeper page, connect regular meeting to be able to involve a few key word in one class page, why to use this kind of method?

I special the core that agreeing with Title is a page. Actually, I undertake optimizing to the page when begin from Title namely above all.

H: Your this kind optimizes strategy to competing either very key word action is more apparent, but once the competition of key word is very big when the method that still uses above should not be very reasonable.

I: To a few websites, maintain increasing a webpage is a not quite realistic way.

I agree with this kind of view quite, as a whole, I object be grab certain key word and the practice that establishs corresponding content page. The page that I prefer to do a brief, theme to center points to the page that brief, theme centers another next. If such doing, I can add the better anchor that is used at linking another page in the bottom of the page.

I still have another idea: Each paragraphs maintain briefly.

Had better be to be in each have a paragraph of small description before Duan Zhi, in order to generalizes this paragraphs content, its action is like Title. But if generalize the word that is far from a theme, so the person that visit also does not want to continue to read.