The accurate method that the website has SEO is optimized

A lot of websites care search engine to optimize very much, had behaved in searching engine, mean can attract many user, the conduct propaganda of the website is easy also, professional work is good also began. But in the process that optimizes in the light of search engine, a lot of stationmaster understand very one-sidedly, do not know how ability best has done those who search engine optimize. A lot of stationmaster think, want only or a few key word are done, finished those who search engine successfully to optimize, such understanding is completely not correct.

Searching engine to optimize is the job of a system, it included the content of two respects: One is website interior element, if structure, content, function, service is waited a moment, another is a website external element, wait like the friendship link, exterior link of key word.

In these two respects, in-house element is compared actually external the factor is mainer, that is to say, want to had done those who search engine to optimize, get the construction that makes very in-house website first, construction of a website is reasonable, content is rich, the function is perfected is the premise that does good search engine to optimize.

The principle that searchs engine is to be an user to provide the most relevant content, a website, for instance: Stationmaster downloads a station " " if can be an user to get information and service to offer,go to the lavatory, the user gets information in the website very convenient, and the website can be an user ceaselessly offer valuable information, if a website accomplished this, natural meeting alls alone good rank is obtained in engine retrieval result in search. Conversely, if carelessly the in-house element of the website will optimize, just want to adopt the chain outside increasing, the rank with be obtained better is being obtained in searching engine is not quite actual.

What a lot of SEOER see website exterior link now is crucial, the catenary outside thinking increased, search engine rank also is carried. Such method is possible the website the rank rises, but, this is not in the competitor not much or be a competitor optimize what the level also comes true below the circumstance of not up to much. Besides, the catenary outside a large number of addition, among them risk also cans be imagined: If the catenary outside sometime increases too much, be alled alone by search engine falls to counterpoise or be banned likely, if the website quality of the link is low, still have negative effect to the website probably.

So, I think, want to had optimized a website, get the structure that builds good website and content first, look for a few high quality appropriately again outside catenary. With content tarry user, this ability is the method that the basiccest search engine optimizes.

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