The 6 big focal points of SEO and difficulty

SEO rich guest was built also have half an year, also knew the method of a few SEO and method, but the 6 big focal points that he think SEO is the basiccest or made SEO temporarily at 6 o’clock below and difficulty (the SEO point of view that represents oneself only) !

1. analyses a keyword

Analyse the search heat of relevant keyword, the sieve is singled out the most appropriate the popular keyword of your website.

The experience that this need comparatives and the understanding that comparative to the person of the same trade and analysis, it is SEO the basiccest ability also is a stress that measures SEO level.

2. diagnoses analysis of website website framework

Delete website structure to go up to cite the bad design that prop up to the search, the obstacle with cleared influence successful SEO

Undertake to the website the system is diagnosed, find out problem place, need very powerful analysis and judgement capability likewise

3. website is optimized

The basis diagnoses a result, undertake to the website integral SEO is optimized. Each pages optimize the website, fulfil a keyword to be reflected mediumly in the website, turn each page into the window that draws discharge, if a SEO can make a page that brings discharge for a long time, that also is a success general!

4. logs onto a website

To search engine domestic and internationally greatly each, address catalog refers your website. Most the basiccest ability, of the difficulty that do not have what, want to agree to who study to be able to learn very quickly only!

5. is linked reversely

Braid the concern net that is linked together with website content, to the search engine shows the influence of the website, the website that is you guides a large number of high grade exterior links and friendship are linked!

The patience that this bit of need comparatives and psychology bear ability, be rejected to do not have a relation, want to know the website that respects others! Rubbish and group sending is immoral also not be long living way!

6. searchs a rank to optimize, rank report and analysis

The effect of procuratorial work SEO, track problem and inadequacy, reach improve website and newest knowledge, adopt professional SEO to optimize strategy, raise your website to prop up the rank on in search index.

Want to be good at an analysis, cannot because of a certain word rise and fall and be pleased with oneself or depress, through be being analysed at website discharge, whether can the SEO that final understanding does attract cause client truly, bring the sale of actual sex, this ability is the ultimate goal of SEO!

Serve oneself result finally: SEO resembles seesaw, it is very normal that rise and fall falls since!