The 404 wrong pages of integration analysis website are used appropriately optimize

404 pages are in the action of the website is the person that should browse visit webpage is when sky, the website can turn to 404 pages automatically, the meaning tells visitor namely, because the webpage is nonexistent,the reason that this page cannot find.404 page may be perhaps change delete and cause, in website operation, because content is arranged,often meet, webpage correcting, the webpage that causes a cause is deleted, missing wait, use jump turn 404 pages can let withhold in order to disappear the discharge of the webpage, still can increase user experience, hou Qinglong specification places 404 pages code below surface of a few fields, hope everybody can use a website among construction:

Offer a kind of the most practical and the most universal code, can use at Html, asp, in Php, add this code " Head " with " / Head " between can, code is as follows

" META Http-equiv=refresh Content=3; Url=http: / / " , among them network address changes to want to turn into yours received network address, webpage can.

404 pages can be thought by search engine cogged

The answer: Deny, when you the webpage has little part to disappear use 404 pages to jump turn, searching engine is to won’t think cogged, because this is to accord with normal webpage regulation, because no matter what website also cannot make sure the webpage is certain,be met permanent memory.

404 pages more be beneficial to user experience

Because website correcting is deleted,modified partial content when your webpage, use 404 pages to jump turn, can protect original website flow effectively, and cannot open when the website, below the condition that did not set 404 pages, with remind an user, won’t the figure of loss website, promote an user the experience.

The beautification of 404 pages is quite important also, can promote a website image, I also collect the beautification code of 10 kinds of 404 pages, offer everybody to download: 404 pages download

How do 404 pages define a setting

Say next more commonly used way, the server provider that can seek advice from you with friend of fictitious lead plane will define.

The first pace, open IIS (Internet information serves) .

The 2nd pace, choose your website, right attack property, click define a mistake oneself

The 3rd pace, below: Http mistake is found in information casing 404, pitch on is doubleclicked, or pitch on edits attribute to be able to define your website in the dot address of 404 pages webpage, this method applies to the friend that has server administrative power only, specific definition installs the friend that other buys a space, excuse me business of your server operation.

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