The 3 big principles that SEO keyword analyses

Statement: It is the analyses about the keyword principle that my individual sums up below, possible everybody can feel more peripheral, those who say is not quite clear. Thinking possibly also is the machine-made thing that people has said, yes, the truth is close, I write the article, to me this is exclusive. I do not think everybody is met or should abide by such principle, just hope everybody can pass a few this short sentences to get was instructived, deepen a bit impression, perhaps review the thing that you know, so sufficient.

Principle one: Compete moderately

Authority is clear want to get effective inside short time, had better not choose the keyword with very intense competition, these keywords want to obtain good rank in searching engine, need enough time and endurance to do. Choice keyword should choose a few competition to spend measurable keyword, the time that goes choosing those to accomplish a good rank to cost as far as possible is opposite less and the term that obtains pretty good rank likely.

Principle 2: Cater to an user

Must search the everybody’s hep keyword that pays close attention to generally with the user to regard as advocate keyword, to the keyword that the user pays close attention to rarely had better not be chosen. Before not was clear about analysis and investigation, the word that had better not pay close attention to user of your flatter oneself quite serves as a keyword, must study the user is used to. Etc figure out user more after apt searchs relevant content with those keywords, redo gives reasonable option!

Principle 3: Stick close theme

Mixing is a the most important related website theme, the keyword should be mixed website content is relevant. Relevant keyword is a correct guiding to the user, such keyword can be brought to your website very considerable and effective discharge. But relevant before range of avoid by all means is too big under the problem, if your website becomes subject of website carry dimension, do not choose computer to do a keyword, although also can buy a concern, but theme of insufficient press close to. (