The 10 searches engine that the attention answers when the website is designed optimizes detail

Core clew: Search engine sale is in the proportion in network sale is at present larger and larger, because this SEO is one of consideration points of programming.

One, the oneness of the link

Searching engine to rank the mainest factor is website content and link, if the website is in-house the link is abhorrent, affecting a website to lead the rank in propping up in the search directly greatly.

2, reasonable use frame and Js

Main content and link do not write the website into frame and Js inside, for example the keyword phrase that this page is aimed at, search engine still cannot identify the content inside Js well now, the content inside frame also can be in when the website is ranked, from page content depart goes out, excluded the effect of this part content namely. But Js and frame also can have positive effect.

3, a large number of pages put the website in reduplicative and Title label problem

A large number of pages put the website in reduplicative and Title label, even some of page does not have these label, this is big fear inside website rank, of Title label write a law.

4, obscure literal issue

Conceal a character to basically point to use a style to make this character visible to searching engine, sightless to the user. This kind of kind is early in be being included the boy or girl friend that searchs engine penalty greatly each.

5, code problem

When the page is designed, decrease as far as possible change code, be helpful for a rank.

6, auxiliary navigation

Increase auxiliary navigation as far as possible when designing every page, for example page of our website news, in the auxiliary navigation that upper part increases, (Home page " this news list page that plays a way " news caption) .

7, page parameter problem

Every page had better use a parameter only, whole perhaps website makes static page, if make static page, save catalog to should not be too deep, because search engine to meet to the weight of the website,one decreases successively, home page weight is the biggest.

9, Rel=nofollow

Rel=nofollow property increases in linking code, tell Google this link to nonego can be controlled, nofollow is used in leave a message this, in rich customer response more.

10, website correcting problem

Search engine judges website correcting, divide roughly title change, of content change, of layout change, special attention Title of a bit home page often does not alter as far as possible, because search engine to judge website correcting to may reach 2 months the most for long, this paragraph during the website behaves a likelihood in search engine poorer. The website of myself has done a test a few times, change home page title every time, baidu spider can have ten days not to update my home page.