The 10 big impacts in SEO link the element shallow analyse of weight

A lot of QQ seek advice recently in the center, mention a problem: How to make the link of high quality? The weight problem that links namely. In searching engine to optimize the job, ancient mind regards one of the mainest consideration factors among SEO strategy as the construction of the link all the time, because this is right,the research of the link is felt somewhat, the literal summary that combines on the network a few friends gives a few experience, hope to be shared with everybody. The link builds minute of exterior link and interior to link two sections, accordingly my general just faces SEO link to undertake simple analysis around these two, make everybody clear, the influence links the element of weight, the nicer for the website link that builds a high quality comes.

1. links key word and its specification

When normally we become a link, need regards a link as the character specific keyword, perhaps include a keyword in linking a character, make keyword and search word same or close. Be like, mobile phone, mobile phone net, this is a keyword, can add place name other perhaps name, net of Chengdu mobile phone, north fights a mobile phone, meaning mobile phone net this kind

2. links the position in existence page

From the top down, from left arrive right, this order is the order of a lot of things, this also is travelled together to be used in searching engine to optimize by a lot of SEO, think the link weight of page upper part is taller than the weight of lower part, this bit of ancient mind agrees, as to the position of or so both sides, which edge weight is taller, I arrive is to do not have an experiment to come out, those who have fun at can try, this test is not quite good do, ah

PageRank of page of 3. link place is worth namely PR

PR is taller, opposite for the link is more valuable. This applies to key word likewise among the rank, below coequal condition, the site with tall PR may be discharged in more the position before leaning.

4. links site weight

Link the integral weight problem in the website namely, normally the circumstance falls, portal website > industry website > professional website > common website > company website. . . . . . Existence so from concern to little weight greatly, so sometimes although your link is in of portal website inside page, compare the home page value in common website likely also tall, its link is more valuable, reason is already apparent.

The means that 5. links

The means of the link has a lot of, the character is linked > the picture is linked > JS link. . . . . Normally the circumstance falls, ancient mind does a character to link only, if have,become picture link, that is for integral page purely beautiful, ah, specification of ALT character label had better be added when doing a picture to link, do not recommend JS kind link, this can be indexed prop up capture by search rarely.

6. links existence time

What does the time length that links existence have to affect to SEO, a lot of people want not to understand, the truth is very actually simple, what some search index props up pair of your sites is newer very slow, especially GOOGLE is right of exterior link update, 3 months, if your exterior link time is less than 3 months, your link basically is done in vain. If engine is newer to your site very fast, update everyday almost, the link that you had become is very fast can by engine capture, this is meddlesome of course, but if you spend paragraph of time,the link cancelled, discovery is nonexistent when search engine is updated again, this blank is not quite good.

The problem of 7.nofollow

Be in at this o’clock before need not consider, since the search when engine identifies Nofollow tag, if the website used this function, link won’t by engine capture, you become the link in this cultivate land to just be white busy.

8. is linked and be linked dependency of website page content

Content dependency, this is a factor with very main quality of link of judge of numerous search engine, if the character of your link follows your website and page content to have nothing to do, so its weight can be reduced accordingly, this is why a lot of rubbish leave a message group of hair the reason that has not acted well. Website or page dependency are stronger, link weight quality is higher, this bit is very important.

All round 9. link and link literal dependency

This is used between flexible language promotion and website interior construction normally, literal dependency is taller all round link and link, link weight is taller.

The relation between two websites of the embroil in 10. link

There are a kind of such views on the network, if two websites are below IP of same lead plane, or the domain name registers information identical, link weight can be reduced, if had had a link, the link weight later also can be reduced. To these a few kinds of views it is the experience that a lot of friends give out, my individual arrives without experience, have a bit nevertheless I arrive is to be able to prove: If a website is alled alone by search engine falls to counterpoise or be punished, on so full enough 3 if a in the center, the website of the link gets very easily involve others in a criminal 9 a group of things with common features kill.

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