Text optimizes an element mediumly

The text that we say is the content in pointing to <body></body> , in SEO this position photograph is weaker to <title></title> , will tell those who be aimed at text to optimize commonly a few elements want a consideration.

Text reachs last paragraphs the first paragraph medium

Will tell commonly, the keyword goes out be in the first or most not it is important that one is compared to optimizing, the effect is relatively apparent also. By the writing of normal article regulation is told, the first paragraph of the article also is concentrate on the main points.

H label

Of H label optimize problem and note, in " H1 label uses skill " and " careful with undertake SEO to the picture through CSS " have a description. In H label, h1 can be used only, other label does not have limitation, but the occurrence order that should note label.

Anchorage text

The Qin Dynasty of period of time loves to also be compared to this unsharpness, but the text version that look now even if takes a link, namely the content in <a></a> , if the link of amid contains a keyword, also became a kind to optimize. Of course, link the catenary outside having and inside catenary. There still is one in <a></a> additional label is Title= , the thought is optimized in what this also can reflect you among them, for example:

<a Href=title= Qin Ai > </a> of annals of Qin Ai net

Here, qin Aiyou a problem is not quite clear, if the content of the link and article are irrelevant, is search engine met how look upon?

Alt label

In image, we answer the habit that nurturance adds Alt label, search engine cannot the information in capture picture, your Alt description appears very important. Here also can reflect a keyword. Be like:

> of software of <img Src=/IMAGE/78d59fcabc6b_10775/software.jpg Alt=

URL or link file name

URL or download file name also often become one of optimized elements, if the content of your download is text file proposal,you make your PDF form, standard of comparison of this kind of format and general. If use English character to suggest to use – is not _ , it is OK that to Chinese Qinai considers to use the Chinese keyword that contains a keyword to download.

Thick substance and inclined body

Boldfaced code should be <strong></strong> , and should not be <b></b> , both emphasis the gender is different, although be in,page expression is consistent. But if connect piece with thick substance and inclined body with respect to no point.

About in text (Body) optimize element, qin Ai understands so much, if you have other discovery, can put forward in the comment, everybody learns together.