Tell your client: SEO rank is second, stability is the most important

When doing a website to optimize for the client, a question that asks via regular meeting somebody goes on how long platoon namely, can discharge the a fewth, can go on the platoon certainly. This is the issue that 90% above of domestic become optimized enterprise to care most, also be the problem that all SEOer place cares of course.

The website of the company of engraving tool of a laser that I remember so that once I optimize () fall to the 2nd page from before Baidu, Google 5, many people are very anxious, but I undertake without rapid move comprehensive sex is adjusted, the result spent a many week, the website regains former position again. Want to know, as an enterprise, unless your website no matter from design or content very outstanding, had better not consider SEO to discharge otherwise the first or before 3, because your website also does not deserve really,discharge this position. On the other hand, the enterprise goes after should be long-term interests, and rather than is short-term interest, the website that what so the enterprise should consider more is me whether stabilize for a long time again the first page, is not go on the platoon as soon as possible.

If an enterprise, key word of a SEO optimizes personnel to be able to accomplish afore-mentioned principle, that won’t appear a large number of code of wanton modification website, load one’s writing with fancy phrases are keyword, many now the phenomenon such as group of hair rubbish links, also need not worry about a website which days suddenly from search for engine to disappear. Does the may be me website that we want more consideration suffer do not suffer a client to like? My website structural frame is reasonable, whether to accord with visit habit of the client? Does my website content want to update or be abounded further? Etc.

So, the SEO of enterprise website optimizes strategy should be the basic principle that searchs for engine amenably. Come from this meaning say, it is euqally important that website content should optimize strategy with the website. SEOer people, you are different from those clients, you should be more thorough to the understanding of SEO ability is right. When next time again when somebody asks you these questions, tell him so: SEO rank is second, stability is first! (Yang Zhenqiu