Teach you to found Sitemap.xml of Google website map

Google does Sitemap.xml, namely website map, nevertheless this website map is written with Xml, and should be written by the standard of Google, the server that and want will draw up this file Sitemap.xml that come uploads him goes in the space. Current, google, yahoo, MSN has stated support this kind of form, baidu still does not have statement to support, but estimation takes this one step also is hasten of general trends place. This will be a kind of when provide your website information to numerous search engine very good method.
Referring Sitemap is to be helpful for searching capture in process of a few normal capture cannot the network address of capture, for instance dynamic webpage, the webpage that includes a large number of AJAX or the page of Flash. 2 it is to be way of work of search spider demonstrate. Sitemap is the list of the page on your website, googlebot goes according to this each capture collects a page, look for meeting efficiency apparently than itself tall, and want complete. Have on Google website complete about Sitemap.xml define:

/ Support/webmasters/bin/answer.py? Answer=40318hl=zh_CN

But after a lot of stationmaster look, still won’t operate, this tutorial is handgrip hand church below you found Sitemap.xml.

< ! – – [If! SupportLists]- – > 1. < ! – – [Endif]- – > the format of Sitemap.XML

Whole pattern is as follows:

< ? Xml Version=1.0 Encoding=UTF-8? >

<urlset Xmlns=/schemas/sitemap/0.84>








<loc>/ Search2.asp? Id=32003044amp;sq=1</loc>






Below, try to explain respectively to above label

< ! – – [If! SupportLists]- – > A) < ! – – [Endif]- – > < ? Xml Version=1.0 Encoding=UTF-8? >

<urlset Xmlns=/schemas/sitemap/0.84 >

These two are equivalent to the action like the <html> label in webpage file. Need not be in charge of what meaning, copy word for word can.

Be sure to keep in mind: A character also cannot wrong, although many blank space, the fault also can sign up for when Google website is collected. Additional, must not forget the fine in the file adds </urlset> label.

< ! – – [If! SupportLists]- ->
B) Url: ? Does Piao of car of  of post Bei of  of  of ┌ of the close that carry graupel punish  of deputy close of mother of ┑ of close of bittern of  Ju Yun?

C) /default.asp

Here is location of page catenary ground connection, namely the address that you hope the spider is visited.

Be sure to keep in mind: The certain and special character that appears in the address needs to use escape character, otherwise, google also can sign up for a fault. The most typical is date, often appear in dynamic network address, must write in referring an address: Refer / Search2.asp? Id=32003044sq=1, google manager tool can sign up for a fault, and instead / Search2.asp? There is a problem after Id=32003044sq=1 is referred. I see the someone on the net says Sitemap.xml can submit the statement of the webpage of a parameter only, make mistake actually likely. Other escape character did not list one by one, everybody can be checked on the net.

D) Lastmod: ? Does neon of Ru of Ze of the Li that take the advantage of widow run quickly?

This is very important. The robot of Google can be mixed first before indexing this is linked index the newer finally time of the record undertakes comparative last, if can be jumped over like time,index no longer. So if your link content is based on last the content when Google indexes is changed somewhat, should update this time, the meeting when letting Google index next time links content to undertake analyse and extracting key word to this afresh. The time form that must decide with ISO 8601 middle finger here has a description, formatted time form is as follows:

Year: YYYY(2008)

Year with the month: YYYY-MM(2008-06)

Date: YYYY-MM-DD(2008-06-04)

Clock of date little time: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mMTZD(2008-06-04T10:37+08:00)

Date hour divides Zhong Miao: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mMTZD(2008-06-04T10:37:30+08:00)

What the attention requires here is TZD, TZD is appointed even if area of this locality time labels, resembling China is + 08:00

Be sure to keep in mind: Other form may be caused make mistake, write 2008-08-08 into 2008-8-8 to be able to give an issue for instance.

E) Changefreq: ? Take the advantage of heart of detailed of  of Wu Chen Guan to save?

The word that the description can use here in all these a few: Always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, I need not explain specific implication, the meaning that sees a word solely understood.

F) Priority: ? does  of miscellaneous flatter Lu take the advantage of adept to flinch bank is heated up?

On 0.0 – 1.0 between.

Be sure to keep in mind: The proposal gives out of all kinds webpage according to importance different numerical value, with the collection of convenient spider, do not make fun of petty trick to be written entirely 1, google government tool can sign up for a fault.

2.Sitemap.xml makes way

No more than of the means that make two kinds, automatic means and hand change way.

Automatic means is used commonly generate a tool automatic, need to input oneself network address only, can obtain complete Xml document. This kind of means applies to static website commonly, here no longer give uncecessary details. But what need reminds is, the tool the good and bad are intermingled on the net, generated file often has a mistake, can not pass the desired result of Google certainly, the person that use needs to discern seriously.

Manual means is fill in by stationmaster handiwork or write a program to finish all but, code is very simple, everybody can be searched to the net.


Sitemap.xml is made after finishing, submit Xml document relevant search engine with respect to need.

Google refers network address: / Webmasters/sitemaps/ ? Hl=zh-CN

Yahoo refers network address: /

After referring, it is commonly in a few hours, the system begins to download processing.

4.The desired result of Sitemap.xml

Whether to accord with a standard as to your website map, the most convenient method uses the manager tool of Google namely.

Be in after the Sitemap.xml that he downloads you inside a few days, this tool analyses result feedback in detail to come back with respect to meeting general, include: How many address was included in Sitemap.xml, google already added how many address reference, what mistake appeared in Sitemap.xml, even the spider collects what encounter in the process all sorts of problems, for instance what webpage has 404, the enumerate with 500 wrong detailed metropolises comes out, very convenient.

If you are referred everything does not have Xml file by accident, so next, the search spider that you are waiting for to let it namely will climb, the file of Sitemap informed the frequency of file updating, such search spiders come more diligent, the page is collected faster also of course.

5 minutes of bells: Sitemap.xml of Google website map