Teach you to check a few of the catenary outside the website good methods

Stationmaster people know, the catenary outside the website matters to the weight of the website to affect the rank that searchs engine directly thereby, the catenary outside be being checked consequently is crucial, halfway website makes JS false chain, even after crossing-over is linked delete website of the other side directly the following day, accordingly, when we are making a station, often must check exterior link. The inquiry means of exterior link, have 3 kinds normally, introduce one by one respectively below:

One: 3 kinds of the simplest way

1, station farm laborer hired by the year has inquiry

2, special software has statistic

3, undertake inquiring through Baidu or cereal song

Above method is the most commonly used, do not make overmuch characterization, key introduction 2, 3 kinds.

2: Tool of YAHOO Chinese stationmaster

After YAHOO Chinese receives Gui Mayun, take stationmaster seriously all the time this group, the station farm laborer hired by the year that roll out is provided, although still do not calculate,perfect, but the function that goes to the lavatory simply, still got the approbating of a lot of stationmaster, the function is ceaseless and perfect, everybody can visit YAHOO Chinese station directly, the article is with DHC cosmetic net of the friend exemple, input (remind stationmaster attention here: The need before network address adds Http: / / ability inquires) , the result page that got DHC cosmetic net is collected by Yahoo, catenary is clicked later the webpage pushbutton to this address, search a result with respect to what got all catenary stand to this. We see, there is the catenary inside a lot of websites in the result, but did not concern, YAHOO is offerred filter expediently function, add namely anthology filter the link below current domain name this option, can get comparative accurate outside catenary network address.

3: Had used the chain outside search dog inquiry

Although search dog is not the search engine with stationmaster and commonly used user, the search market that takes is lesser, but since search dog after rolling out RANK, greatly escalate searchs the posture of the market, its LINK inquiry commands what get halfway head of a department stage by stage to approbate, it is highest that accuracy rate can say. Still have the value of search dog RANK that is similar to GOOGLE at the same time, what cannot eliminate of course still is to contain a few child the catenary inside the domain name. Value of search dog RANK is to make a share from 0 – 100, can sufficient reaction gives a website outside catenary amount and quality, our illustrate uses a method:

Open search dog homepage, searching the input in casing: Link: ? Does Yao of   gourd ladle guide pure foolish does Mei tell Qing   to return be able to bear or endure  of  of Mao of lip putting in order?

The DHC cosmetic net that above inquires is exemple, GOOGLE PR value is 5, but the RANK value of search dog is 49, quality of the catenary outside basically comparing those who reach the RANK of search dog is worth can more accurate inquiry website.

Look at present, the inquiry statistic software that station farm laborer hired by the year provides the catenary outside mixing basically is the LINK that uses Baidu and Gu Ge or DOMAIN command, in light of the result that gets from the search, can not inquire amount of the catenary outside going out correctly, even the error is bigger. The pattern of the catenary outside 2 kinds of inquiry that above key offers is relatively exact, on certain level, at least 80% above can inquire piece correct outside catenary.