Teach you the method that was collected by Dmoz at 5 o’clock

Generally speaking, dmoz collects a website to do not have absolutely ground level, but follow a few standards, can raise radio cassette player to meet.

1, content should be achieved formerly, the content that borrowed can be thought to do not have value and be rejected;

2, website space wants to stabilize, if edit a website when examine and verify to do not have a law to browse, the opportunity that is refused is very great;

3, the requirement that content wants to accord with catalog, generally speaking the member that edit likes professional content, and the content with too big range can be thought instead not professional;

4, do not have the content that break the law, the fame for Dmoz and live, the member that edit is the; that won’t collect the website that has illegal content

5, do not believe skill of so called application, doing good website content seriously just is essential.

Actually the most essential is the content that be achieved formerly and enrichs, solid content has been done, do not want get the best for oneself at the lest expense, e.g. , individual stationmaster becomes manpower resource kind information website, design all respects to affirm actual strength to be no good, can choose a respect to do, do manpower to groom only for example this one direction, do reveal greatly with respect to conference put oneself in another’s position professional, the opportunity that is collected is met a few bigger. (Tentenx.com)