Tamp foundation: The website searchs engine to optimize tutorial of dish bird level

SEO interpreter searchs engine to optimize namely into Chinese, searching engine is the network behavior means that uses at most with tegument except email. The article listed the search engine of a few websites to optimize the tutorial of dish bird level.

Website content is the first element that search engine optimizes

1.The many status that achieves content to be able to help you establish good reputation and authority in the client’s heart formerly.

2.The catenary with other can automatic center receives your website.

Decide the implied meaning is original the method of provenance:

1.Webpage PR is worth.

2.The time that webpage first time is collected.

3.The domain name registers time. (What Baidu thinks the domain name is older it seems that is to be achieved formerly)

4.The authority of the website is spent.

The choice of crucial point word:

1.Crucial point word does not want too wide extensive

2.Advocate make crucial point statement unwell also Yu Taichang is too extraordinary, for example company name (well-known trademark goes out outside)

3.The station thinks in user angle, professional name user won’t be searched, for example SEO

4.The most businesslike crucial point word is those competitive webpages least, be searched by the user at the same time the term with maximum number.

5.Want with your website relevant

The knowledge that professional SEO should learn:

1.Market sale + the webpage is made + simple website procedure is written + SEO technology

2.The project is organized and coordinate + the new development that pays close attention to search engine to optimize a technology + writing ability

How does remedial website content lack disease:

1.Set out from product history and evolution

2.From make, the person that invents a product sets out

3.Set out from raw material

4.Set out from the client

5.Set out from course of study of one’s own profession

6.Set out from product use

7.Set out from product technology

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