Talk at present the sex of effectiveness for a given period of time of SEO data, validity and practical

Core clew: True SEO is not to build be in theoretic, also not be a few limitation technologies that provoke a few type, SEO is a tool, or the project of a system.

It is the phase with SEO the most difficult abecedarian at present. May old SEOer objects, when feeling some earlier to him moment learns SEO, the edge gnaws English edge to search the New World-the Americas like it is more difficult to seek a data. We might as well will analyse the current situation:

The sex of effectiveness for a given period of time of SEO data

The classic work of lady of interpose of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad treasure " search engine is optimized (SEO) knowledge is complete manual " , once regarded SEO as the transmission like teaching material, as time prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, those who search engine technology, algorithm is fluctuant, partial content is already unwell use or so not effective.

This is an inevitable thing, search engine technology is impossible place footfall, perfect ceaselessly however, in updating. Also need in order to search the SEO technology data that engine is a foundation to change as what search engine, increase, perfect and fluctuant, corresponding content. And at present domestic current situation is, a large number of reprinting, duplicate, borrowed old SEO data, do not see new technical implied meaning.

Perhaps have the characteristic of sex of effectiveness for a given period of time because of SEO data just about, old SEOer people intended and evasive, do not be willing to expend a large number of time, energy to compile a data, be in a year however, half an year, even after 29 months, lost value; Because borrowed in great quantities,also be phenomenon, old SEOer people the achievement that is not willing to see creation of him work laboriously comes out, did not sign, be transmitted everywhere by the name of the others on arrange even.

More serious is, this kind evasive and outspread arrived the compose of the article, abecedarian can discover possibly, the rich guest of ace of a lot of SEO is medium now, had found the technical material that has direct sense truly very hard, the change that everybody auxes would rather index talking about search is propped up, aux would rather tell future to search engine trend or fancy discovery to attract eyeball.

Such loop up to now, want to enter the abecedarian that SEO encircles, seeking a data is a tickler.

The validity of SEO data

At present domestic SEO domain, ace how is much, the expert flies all over the sky.

A lot of true ace hid, do not keep a data, do not appear below network or line even; In the ace that appear, as above was said, not quite keep technical data.

At this moment, a lot of profess the SEO of ace, at every turn I think, my discovery, should, let SEO abecedarian immerse oneself in practice one time partly, must fold come back, and one part entered black hat ring.

Renown date implies responsibility, have how old name, have to assume how old duty. But not be however in domestic SEO circle such, too much and beardless responsible expert, making the expert’s pretense even, take the implied meaning of others, oneself name on arrange, swagger through the street.

SEO abecedarian puzzled, it is ace, so-called expert, theory is widely divergent however, which ace or expert should believe?

Of SEO data practical

A lot of abecedarian are communicating with me in, mention extremely, who and who is such nevertheless in SEO circle, meet only be an armchair strategist does not have true original story.

What actually they say is who and who, it is true SEO ace, but I cannot explain to them.

Pondered over this problem seriously, appear the lack that the prime cause of this kind of circumstance is oriented sex article.

In SEO abecedarian heart, cherishing a hope mostly, look for ace of a SEO, instruct them 35 court, use get effective; From shortcut is found over there ace, past master also is become inside short time.

And true SEO is not to build be in theoretic, also not be a few limitation technologies that provoke a few type, SEO is a tool, or the project of a system. Use this tool, take all news from inside practice, answer neatly; Again systematization of such a process, deploy, carry out whole goal website.

SEO data just is to impart SEO academic knowledge and executive method, not specific, also cannot teach specificly when should do, need to follow the prescribed order to get effective only.

This is the person that SEO knowledge gains ground and the obstacle between the person that accept, need more, reason changes, easy to read and understand the oriented implied meaning that knows easily.

Serve as abecedarian to should understand, learning SEO is not knight-errant novel in learn military accomplishment, also do not have what unique skill.

The person that impart should give a person with fishing, is not to give a person with the fish.