Talk about the brand element influence to SEO

Close paragraph of time, what SEO industry of abroad has a topic discussion is very popular. Make the influence proportion that in propping up a rank, holds in the search about the brand namely. Because be inThe Google of EnglishIn, foreign person of the same trade observes the site rank of well-known trademark below a lot of lines shows integral ascendant trend.

This circumstance is inGu GeOn, still come out now without body. The search engine that perhaps Google just is in the United States at present does a test, had not applied in the search engine of other language version. Be in about brand elementSearch engine sort algorithmAffect this one event mediumly, also caused laterMatt Cuttscomment.

English reads the friend of ability, can watch this video: / Watch? V=LMfWPWUh5uU.

The brand props up influential circumstance to search index, already long-standing. InSEOgo there is among regulation, that is the business that a lot of big websites can do, small website cannot be done. 2006, The website of BMW companyUsed because of website administrator a fewSEO little skillBring about a website to be banned by GOOGLE. But retrospective in a few days, the official website of BMW was given off very quickly to come again. Of course, the official website that premise is BMW was clear aboutSEOSPAMafter the trace.

GOOGLE decides to release the reason of BMW, because BMW is the whole world,the likelihood is famous car manufacturer. If the user is searchedBMWWhen, seek the word that is less than BMW government website, also be very bigThe problem that the user experiences. So, google decides the motive that releases BMW should be understandable.

The castigatory means that searchs engine has a lot of. Deleting data directly is a most serious kind. This kind example still has a lot of, 5 years when, google also once to site of navigation of domestic famous network address: Hao123.comIssue this murderous scheme. Delete collect cost of data, clear empty PR. But of ban a reason, because the website has the place with cogged SEO,not be. And should be at that timeHITS algorithmcause, bring about a lot of catalog model the website suffers Google ban. But very fast, google restored the normal index to data again.

Perhaps say this lesson of catalog website according to, think of 100 million Europe to suggest a piece of any pages in the website, do not place derive too much link. Of catalog website all sufferring that ban, because derive,link too much be caused by namely greatly. And 03-06 year, be in SEO of domestic black hat by chance the maddest, Google period of the most sensitive, be agitated, google punished many Chinese website. Return subject.

Of network brand model with optimize, also should be one of targets of SEO probably. Think of 100 million Europe to believe, brand element to SEO be the effect that has the obverse side. The website name itself that becomes you searchs a quantity namely considerable keyword, so the algorithm that searchs engine at least won’t easily undertake condemnatory to your website. Because punishing your website while, when cannot finding the result that the user wants through the search when the user, this itself also is rightSearch engine user to experiencea kind of harm. But we also cannot optional SEOSPAM, the challenge of secure in the knowledge that one has strong backing searchs the enduring limit of engine.

In think of 100 million Europe to look the factor that a few are lost sight of is affecting SEO, for example: Weight, degree of belief, Authority, the brand is waited a moment. Between these a few elements, photograph of annulus of interaction, annulus is buckled.

Say from another angle, internet information is flush, the dependability of a lot of information, just sex, authority, textual research of have no way. This moment, the choice believes a brand, can be a right choice probably.

And specific to SEO level, the value that searching engine to go up about how using brand element to promote a website, and how to make the website brand that is helpful for searching engine, it is worth whileDo SEOthe another strategy issue that needs a consideration.

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