Suit the remedy to the case is reached to answer a method by reason of Baidu K station completely analytic

1, baidu for no reason at all became angry.

2, your website has cogged suspicion.

3, your friendship link gives an issue, that is to say the website that link of your a certain friendship represents by Baidu K, you get embroil.

4, with another websites that fall with IP with you by K, you get again involve others in a criminal. Such case appears below fictitious leader state mostly.

5, your website content has Baidu to think sensitive content, especially politics.

6, your website content is a large number of duplicate and other websites, collect especially. Baidu thinks your station is necessary without what collect, in order to reduce him Baidu burden and the user experience that enhance a netizen.

7, likelihood your station is new station, had not collected.

8, your domain name previous conviction, that is to say because the domain name that you register makes the reason of choose and employ persons is crossed by K formerly.

Suit the remedy to the case: Above each bits of correspondence, ask him recognize to read.

1, to the a bitth, you can write a letter to Baidu. As to use, god knows.

2, if you are intended and cogged, ask him Cong Liangzhi. If as a result of,be ignorant and be considered as by Baidu cogged, you can learn the implied meaning about Seo well with getting online.

3, the website that you link friendship is many a Site: If be come out by Site, is empty, rapidly cancel is linked this.

4, to at 4 o’clock, your method has only: Change lead plane!

5, search well look for him website content, delete sensitive content. This is very painstaking. You also do not know besides certainly what is Baidu thinks sensitive. In this, your home page wants reference to involve politics, especially the content of Xx party. Look next have colorless feeling information. Still have, whether to have the content of vicious attack Baidu, hear Baidu is very persnickety, but I also dare not make sure this is nodded. Hearsay, believe for the moment.

6, do bogus to be achieved formerly to collection content, about the knowledge of this respect, on the net a lot of. Not go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married.

7, await, short of above the mistake 6 o’clock, regular meeting is collected. Baidu becomes angry except.

8, if you have patience, make a station well, write a letter to Baidu, await Baidu amnesty.