Study an analysis: Search engine optimizes difficulty to calculate formulary research

I offerred period of time before issue of rate of a Seo, of Seo collect fees basically build again on the difficult easy degree that Seo optimizes, general the difficulty that we judge search engine to optimize is main according to the following:

1, Baidu collects an amount (namely Baidu inquires what the top right corner after the keyword shows to find relevant webpage to make an appointment with Xxxx piece)

2, the website that appears in home page whether are they one grade domain names completely

3, whether is the keyword included again on Title

4, keyword whether again Title first place

5, this keyword appears how many promotion

6, circumstance of adversary website PR

7, circumstance of the catenary outside adversary website

8, adversary website form, information content size

How to have formulary consideration: Above all we optimize set to difficulty of home page first place for good position (namely: Without any competitor websites, want you to the website refers search engine to be able to be ranked only the first) rank difficulty is 0.

We each block up the element that we rank home page and adversary part according to difficulty of block up rank the setting follows decide a percentage value, receive numeric addition next difficulty coefficient. Use 1(next namely: Department of 100%) subtractive difficulty gets hundreds minutes ranking succeeding leading.

For example: We rank the website block up that we popularize coefficient sets the difficulty of home page for 10% , so if home page appears,10 are popularized, coefficient is our difficulty that ranks home page 100% , be led successfully even if 0, be impossible namely rank home page!

These are a kind of idea of my individual only: Ask everybody to follow post study together! (