Study a few proposals that Seo personnel should remember well

The learner of SEO is increasing, pass these year observation, what abecedarian of a lot of SEO holds on certain problem is not quite good, cause study rate of progress is slow, the influence learns efficiency. Offer a few proposals to SEO abecedarian with respect to the following respects here, offer reference only.

The state of mind of study

Learn SEO, should put state of mind above all, did not have buccal fat person readily, also did not drill one day unique skill. SEO is a strategy, the combination of a lot of skill, need proper time to accumulate experience, master operation knowledge.

Before be being written down, before long the hair on QQ comes to somebody message, can teach bit of unique skill to let me become SEO past master, nearly faints. If SEO can become past master to a few unique skill, most propbably already ace alls over the world.

Additional, want to sink so that live to enrage in the process of study, do not feel you and people look ratio spur scope of activity general, actually of SEO ace and dish bird do not depend on a few more experience, after you mastered certain experience and skill, you are ace.

The situation condition of study

The ancients cloud, feel not ashamed to learn from one’s subordinates. Though SEO is not the knowledge with profound what, can saying even is simple very, but its centre of gravity depends on politic systematization. So different person may have different view, ask for an opinion to do not have disadvantage more.

This is to advocate next asking, what should say here is situation condition, it is to point to on ask.

China is formal state since ancient times, ceremony much person is not strange, in curious process ought to condescending, comity a few.

To feeding! Be in not? Say to me Baidu is optimized how? This kind person that seek advice, my always won’t pay attention to, although your appearance fills in,Pan installs a website much / be like Ma Yun greatly. Connect pair of people most the esteem of at least is done not have, is there He Li by should spend oneself submissively of earning of time, energy, painstaking effort to send you?

The elite of SEO depends on a key to do sth, look be like small small a few drop, must come out summary of talent of time, energy greatly however. Travel and be no good between, leaving at a few a key to do sth, a simple question, oneself immerse oneself in research 35 days even two in March not if really, dialed via tall person probably comprehend at once.

This is to be based on a ceremony, want to respect others, want to respect knowledge; Say again below justice.

Person and person interact, want conversion to think, the station thinks in others angle. The possibility that becomes SEO has experience very much, total feeling has too much thing to want to do, total feeling is busy do not be over.

After you ask others the question, should consider SEO is very busy, without the reply you are handling an issue, even if some later the again courteous problem before asking has confiscate, also do not issue X of this person ox, do not take manage person, have the verdict with extraordinary what. You leave in anger, the other side not loss what, and you, the likelihood is lost get the chance that knows a problem very quickly.

The skill of the query

A key in process of most propbably learning is bubble forum, what problem is published, wait for a reply, the viewpoint of referenced everybody.

But the observation of the SEO forum that passes pair of forum that choose stone and me, a lot of people did not master skill when the query, did not achieve oneself goal finally, the influence learns efficiency. Laole feels these a few common problems should notice in the process of the query:

1, be apt to uses a search

Before forum quizs, had better search oneself question. Actually a lot of common problems, already machine-made in forum said, but a lot of people are stupefied is to want hair post to ask, off-the-peg answer is not collected.

Forum search is different from search engine, search of a method does not arrive to be not represented do not have this problem, change a view or enlarge search limits to retry, what always send post hind by force to wait for the answer by F5 all the time too is good.

2, the problem wants specific

Had seen too much person hair card, how does content raise key word to rank namely? , how to do Baidu to optimize? , the machine rate that such problem gets satisfactory result is minor small. Hair post had better be aimed at specific issue, incorporate, even if oneself have admire about a hundred problem, apart one by one ask, such ability can have more people to participate in, reach the answer.

How can XXXX raise the question that ranks and so on to my station, the likelihood is clicked go in the amount that see is very few. Had said in front, SEO is very busy, who can have time to see a website give a plan to won’t do? SEO is systematization, individual skill is not certain and effective, and a certain skill uses a lot of time herein just, used in another place to become adverse effect; Such, others gives you a skill, in case what you use is impertinent suffer its to kill instead, who be after all pass? So this kind of problem also cannot get satisfactory result commonly.

3, the problem wants detailed

Often does somebody ask me how / is Bbs heavy directional to root catalog? The problem of and so on, somebody thinks the answer also does not have method exact answer. Your space what environment? Why should weigh directional? / the URL below Bbs and present root catalog is one to one correspondence, these do not say to be clear about, how is others accurate give you the proposal?

Query problem should say the problem as far as possible detailed, let a person look understanding is how to return a responsibility, such everybody also can offer his opinion.

The collection of resource is arranged

The SEO book of systematization, tutorial is at present few, the person that speakand writea result like the in confusing Sai Yiwen place of the SEO data before me little, a lot of data rely on us to be collected at ordinary times, should be good at collecting in learning a process, arrange.

Warehouse of documentation of a SEO had better be built in learning a process, look for software of an appropriate PIM, documentation, even if of classify of documentation of make it Word save rise to also go. View the data that pass, no matter did not understand, collect rise to consult in order to have, and a lot of documentation (engine of 301 code, search submits name of spider of engine of the entrance, search) not be can send immediately on use, wasteful time energy searchs when need again.

Be good at sharing

In the process of study, should be good at sharing oneself point of view come out. On one hand, can with its he learns medium friend one case likewise, creation communicates an opportunity, rise jointly; On the other hand, the may not that you say is correct, release after coming out, others discovers incorrect part, may give you make a comment or criticism, it is a kind of means of study likewise.

In hoping friends are learning the process of SEO, can correct, fast advancement, master this skill at an early date. Say above have not full point, ask transient friend complement; If have undeserved place, look at point out mistakes so that they can be corrected! Yang Zhenqiu of You Nie huge rock arranges the article to talk about website of government of city network company oneself, reprint give chapter and verse for and author, the thank cooperates- – Jean is achieved want