Strategy of search engine sale is king

We know to search engine sale to include search engine to optimize (SEO) with search paying fee, latter includes left contest normally valence and on the right side of fixed rank (package period of time) , the keyword with a normally optional website is not little, sale budget always is finite, and the data that occupies IResearch, search engine is resided high again in efficient way 87% . Mix in SEO so how to choose between search paying fee, how be united in wedlock, make the Chongzhongzhi in network sale strategy’s heavy task.

The natural rank that reachs through SEO and contest price rank bad of what actor what, give out very hard clear conclusion, because both have respective advantage and inferior position, also have collective place at the same time.

IBM studies the result makes clear: The person of 60% clicks search result page only nature of the first page is ranked, and do not click contest price rank; 48% people read the first page only. Left with on the right side of of the rank click an influence, the most wonderful is, or so side appears at the same time, the effect can change unexpectedly. Can consult search index props up sale unique skill: The left and right sides is the same as a platoon, the effect breaks up times / Hall/SEMer/Products/Detail/291

Rank an advantage naturally: The rank is stable and abiding, need not click for every time pay cost, long-term look, natural rank website is optimized, the webpage is optimized, search engine is left optimize a rank to optimize charge to rank charge, photograph to get online than other net under contest price next sale forms, fare is low, high investment redound, natural rank makes more than contest price rank the website is optimized, the webpage is optimized, search engine is left optimize a rank, sort of the search inside the station (time, name, person is angry) search user is trustful, those who obtain the 2 times above that clicking is contest price rank.

Contest price ranks an advantage: Obtain rank of high rank, price of very very low to webpage content requirement, low to webpage content requirement, contest simply to begin to have yourself with the end quickly after when you rank retrieval is clicked, optional control, charge just happens only, click behavior can dog accurately and evaluate, allow to lock up, be like country, area, city, province, city, town; Contest price rank can press time to control, in the morning, afternoon, in the evening or all the day; Controallable accurate visit books the person that the target is visited the webpage, good step that adjusts advertisement content to change the business on rate, net in order to detect to check at will at any time, usable Yu Fei constant intense and the keyword that natural rank is impossible undertakes operating.

Rank inferior position naturally: The factor that affects a rank is much, cannot control accurately, rank position cannot assure, professional website website is optimized, the webpage is optimized, search engine is left optimize a rank to optimize a company to collect fees tall, the effect shows the time that need awaits to grow, need 2-6 normally month, website is optimized, the webpage is optimized, search engine is left optimize a rank, sort of the search inside the station (time, name, person is angry) regulation of search engine sort changes constantly, the job that the rank is safeguarded is a long-term system, website needs to have alone peculiar value content needs to maintain often update, cannot decide website of user, keyword to optimize by district lock, the webpage is optimized, search engine is left optimize a rank be read with the webpage and visual effect often produces conflict, website to optimize, the webpage is optimized, search engine is left the high rank that optimizes a rank to optimize excessive meeting to cause a website to suffer penalty, popular keyword is more and more difficult, ranking competition always is more and more intense.

Contest price ranks inferior position: Do not pay charge rank to disappear instantly, cost of keyword contest price is higher and higher, see cost for a long time price of not low, mutual contest brings about every to click price change to rise, existence cheats a gender to click, make ad budget increases, keyword advertisement need is optimized through the website, the webpage is optimized, search engine is left optimize a rank, sort of the search inside the station (time, name, person is angry) search engine examine and verify, if contest price advertisement cannot arise,click more, advertisement may be stopped, contest price ranks the place not only price of contest of be decided by, still with click a quantity to concern, target user has natural screen habit to advertisement, be willing to click natural sort more,

Natural rank service is to search result basis to be visited to measure, be measured to wait to each index is arranged integratedly and be become by the link. The investigation of IProspect of world-famous network research organization shows: Search user values nature to search a result more, think more associated than advertising sex is taller. Use adepter, mature user to the network, jump over more those who approbate natural rank is relevant spend and not be search engine advertisement. Natural rank has conviction more than contest price rank, can reflect the influence of the company more. The result that people believes to natural search is returned just is the most relevant.

Contest price rank is advertising of search engine keyword a kind of form, according to pay fee highest person the principle before the rank leans, the website of same to was being bought keyword has a kind of kind of the rank. After the enterprise is purchasing this service, through registering a certain quantity of keyword, its popularize information to be able to take the lead in appearing in the netizen’s corresponding search result.

Contest price rank wants to spend money only namely actually, you can change nitty-gritty. Contest price rank puts promotion link in searching a result normally, itself is put in tremendous misdirect, and the ill will with many existence is clicked, the website once reported, XX search brings those who prop up 70 % above to click is baleful click. According to the analysis, advertisement market is searched in the United States, click con scale for 14% , last year because click con and the ad that create advocate the loss is as high as 800 million dollar.

In addition, the business is different, sale budget is different, both the effect that show is distinct also. Concentration bomb, let same the netizen experiences the ad message with similar above in short time, deepen pair of advertising impression greatly undoubtedly, facilitating netizen is clicked wait for further action. Transmission learns pair of same customer that statistical rule shows to achieve advertising optimal effect is in on average 7 times or so, because search engine can communicate the information content with accurate, rich essence of life more, this one word greatly reduced. Repeat simply show breathtaking result on search engine sale.